Hi my name is Sandra Savita I work at
Mar Jack scripts and I am both an agent in a foreign rights manager
I myself represent mostly commercial fiction genre fiction sorry I do
apologize for my voice as well commercial genre fiction which is
anything from ya2 crime to SFF but as a company we would like to think that we
represent pretty much every genre available so my wonderful colleagues
represent a crime and non-fiction literary fiction upmarket women’s
fiction so and children’s from middle age up so I mean I think we kind of cover
every genre l possible I think I’m quite open-minded I do have this light
penchant for weird things I’d like to think so in that sense maybe a little
bit more leash but I like dark things especially in YA so that would be like
what upper end crossover titles and anything that puts me in a head of a
person that has completely different experiences for me so anything with an
exotic setting or an experience that I wouldn’t have had in my own life would
be something and that would get me interested. Obviously a great writing is
a plus I don’t like too many rhetorical questions at the very beginning I would
like to or exposition I like to be straightened in the story in the scene
rather than having a huge explanation of why the writer is describing this
sentence or this justice scene so I’m anything that’s immediate and gripping
is good for me my slight secret is that I very rarely reads synopsis because they
are full of spoilers and I like to be surprised by what I’m reading so I very
occasionally look this and synopses when when I
finished the book to see how to fix things sometimes it becomes quite
apparent where a scene can be moved somewhere else or cut out because
there’s no hiding in the synopsis so that’s that’s that’s how I use them so
they’re obviously very important but everyone will have a different view on
once reader and how to read it and what a good synopsis really is. I think a
clear and concise comparisons are always good so if you say that a book is like
the road but with a more commercial angle about I don’t know with more
adventure and then that’s that’s more that that’s pains a clearer picture of
what you’re writing and what your readership would be getting into detail
about side thoughts maybe not so much because that is that gets confusing very
quickly and we just want a general idea and want to know that you as a writer
have an idea where where your book would be placed you you