The Confucius Institute opens the world to Nebraskans. We have master degree programs in China. We also have one year study abroad in China for language study. We also offer for high school students the China Bridge Summer Camp, in which high school kids go for a two week intensive Chinese language course in China, while also traveling. I just loved everything, the food, and the people and I met so many great people. Hopefully in the future I plan on teaching English as a second language, so I think that having background in really any languages is gonna help me later. We actually provide scholarships for American student to take classes in China, language classes, specifically, so that they can get the room and board and tuitions are paid. During my time in China, I studied at Xi’an Jiaotong University. And after learning Chinese and being awarded the scholarship and traveling to China, I just realized what I’m really capable of. How I can help bridge culture and people through language. I was very pleased and delighted and honored to have been selected to be the political leader on the educator’s program tour. The whole thing was totally captivating and eye-opening and life-changing. By working together and understand each other actually there will be less conflicts, but more opportunities. I’ve led two groups of students that have gone over. I think it’s a great experience for students to become immersed in the language, in the culture, and to see the other side of the world.