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Website for Students. In this video, I am going to discuss about
the options available for students who scored 300-400 marks in NEET examination. This is second part of this video series. You can find link to the first part of this
video in the description below. If you are looking for guidance for MBBS admission
counselling, subscribe to this youtube channel now and click the bell button to receive latest
updates. In the first part of the video, I have mentioned
that students who belong to Indian states which has less than 700 MBBS govt seats do
not get govt quota MBBS seats under the subsidized fees even if they get close to 400 marks in
NEET examination. NEET score to get govt medical college depends
mainly on the state, community reservation category you are going to apply during the
mbbs admission and any other category reservations applicable to the state in which you are applying. In this video, let us see, the chances of
student to get govt quota seat who belong to a state where there are less than 1200
seats and above 700 seats. The list of states which fall in this range
are given here. Let us first discuss about Delhi, Odisha and
Bihar. In odisha and bihar, close to 35K students
wrote NEET exam but in Delhi close to 60K students appeared for this year NEET examination. Leaving aside 15% all India quota seats, close
to 800 seats are available under the state quota. As the competition is really high, students
from Open category and BC category would not get MBBS seat in govt medical colleges if
they have less than 400 NEET score. There is very little chance for SC category
students and better chance for ST students if their score is close to 400. Out of these three states, Delhi has the highest
competition, it is very dificult for all reservation category students to get govt college seat
even if score is close to 500 in delhi. Now lets see the chances for govt quota in
private medical colleges, all three states have very less number of medical seats. This implies that there is no chance for getting
govt quota in private medical colleges in all three states. The only option available for students from
these states are management quota in private medial colleges in other states which comes
at tuition fees or Rs 15 to Rs 25 lakhs/annum When it comes to Madhya pradesh as well as
Telangana, except ST, rest of the categories have no chance to get seat in government colleges
under state quota. There are more than 1000 private college MBBS
Seats in Madhya pradesh. There is no state govt quota in private medical
colleges in Madhya Pradesh but the tuition fees for MP private colleges are in the range
of Rs 6 lakhs/year to 9 lakhs/year. If NEET score is less than 400, then it is
not possible to get seat for OC and OBC category. SC has little chance and ST has better chance
to get private college mbbs seat. There are more than 2100 private college MBBS
Seats in Telangana. Even though private college fees is Rs 11
lakhs/annum in Telangana for management quota. Nearly half of these private college medical
seats are available under subsidized fees of Rs 60000/ year. If NEET score is less than 400, then it is
not possible to get seat for OC and OBC category. SC has little chance and ST candidates has
better chance to get govt quota seat in private college mbbs seat. If you belong to any other state mentioned
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now so that you will get notification when I publish videos covering your state details. If your neet score falls in the range of 300-400,
and you belong to any of these states your chances to get government college and state
govt quota in private medical colleges is less based on your reservation category. You have three options to choose from. The first option is to drop out this year
and set big target score. The second option is to study MBBS under management
quota in private colleges. Fees for private college management quota
are very high. The third option is to study Medicine abroad
in reputed universities. Fees for good abroad medical universities
range between 4 lakhs/year to 8 lakhs/year. If you have doubts and need guidance to choose
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