hi everyone, welcome back to my channel In this video, we’re going to talk about a new topic Let’s regard these things as my own stories If you are like me, used to self-depreciate I hope you will find your confidence after watching this video A lot of foreign youtubers made this video before It’s called perfect imperfections tag It means I’m gonna tell you what i feel ashamed of myself but in a positive way I feel this video inspired me a lot I also hope that it will motivate and inspire you too In this video, I only tell you what I dislike about my appearance If you want me to continue this kind of videos please leave comments below If there’re many comments, i will continue part 2 which is about my personality Ok let’s get started The first thing that I feel ashamed is I have a pear body although my upper body is small my thigh is very big People call it “Frog legs” I think nobody is perfect Each has their own defects Some have apple body some have pear body It’s totally normal I used to be ashamed as much as I couldn’t wear shorts Whenever I tried on jeans I always felt ashamed in front of the mirror when comparing me and models She wears far way better than I do I used to be so childish sometimes I did cry about that and was not confident enough to take photos and I used to hate my legs so much But I gradually have a better way of thinking My legs are “pedestals” of my body They have been going with my to everywhere They’re parts of my body which can’t be cut out of I learn how to accept it ok my body was born like this the only thing I need to do now is appreciate it find some healthy methods like exercises to have thinner thighs You might have the same situation like me when looking at photos with friends I’m the one having big legs others’ legs are thin,long and perfect and in my puberty my height didn’t reach my expectations everyone looked at me and said “she’s so short” “It’s a pity that she’s not tall” but what happen with a short girl? “short is also cute” “short girls have their own beauty” You guys have to bend down to look at us the second thing I dislike about my appearance is my hair I used to have longer hair when I was a kid It was long til my buttocks From then til now, I cut it so many times I don’t know when I start to realize my hair is naturally fuzzy although my mom’s hair is straight, fine and shiny I know a lot of Vietnamese have the same situation like me Because I used to google a lot searched for tons of methods how to have smooth and shining hair When I googled it, I found out a lot of alike situations I read comments and I realized that there’s no method at all If you’re like me, you might understand I have to go to a salon to straighten my hair every year and my friends asked why I had to do that why you must straighten your hair Honestly, I don’t want that at all Whenever I straighten my hair, the new hair grows fuzzily again It’s gene Changing hair type is impossible Once again, I learn how to accept I don’t pay attention too much to it anymore It’s getting better With this hair type, I can’t cut my hair too short Instead of that, I choose long hair style and then it’s naturally wavy Besides, it never becomes flat hair Actually, my friends’re all jealous of my hair because they have flat hair and their hair are also limp and greasy so if you have the same hair type like I do you don’t have to be ashamed of let’s take advantage of our hair type to make sexy and pretty hair style the next point that I don’t like about myself is my skin facial skin only It’s very very sensitive acne problem big pores thoudsands of problems As you know, acne has been my problem since I was in puberty When I was in bad acne situation, I’m afraid of going out looking at others’ faces It pushed me to desperate state I didn’t dare to look at myself in the mirror and I felt like everyone’s looking at my face while talking and asked me:”Why do you have so many acnes lately?” people who have less pimples don’t know that people having bad acne had found variety of solutions They don’t want let their faces like that However, I look at this problem from a different angle Because of my acne skin I have to find a lot of information about skincare about how to protect my skin I have been acquiring huge knowledge and i keep accumulating more and more so as to take care of my skin you know, knowledge can’t be bought by money the point is we want to explore and acquire or not the last thing is my nose it used to be one of my confident point but I don’t know why I started to ashamed of it because it’s not small and high It’s evident that having a good looking face is a strong point People are looking your face at first sight When I was in high school, I was hearing a lot from backbiters for ex:” Her eyes are so small” “Her nose’s so big” “Her mouth’s big” I don’t know whether they’re thinking before talking I was seldom shamed about my appearance I was taught that I didn’t need to mind those criticisms But I know a lot of you had met that kind of situations and I want to tell you that backbiters are not better than anyone Don’t think yourselves as what they’re talking Don’t consider youselves as inferiors Why did they backbite you? Because they envy you guys Appearance is important, but to assess a person we need more than that Appearance’s fugitive your qualities are lasting your qualities are invaluable In stead of depreciating myself I learn how to be open-minded look at myself in a more beautiful way laugh more appreciate the beauty I possess including my weaknesses I look at my weaknesses in a positive way they all have their own beauty I’m focus more on working I came to youtube I’ve met you guys I’m supported by you guys It’s been a year since I was a youtuber I’ve been receiving your attention I feel much more confident now I hope through this video who are not confident of yourselves can get a positive motivation from me Whenever you feel sad, ashamed, unconfident watch this video I’m always be your side like the way you did and ‘re doing and will do in the future Thank you for helping me become “myself today” There’s is an English sentence that I like I hope you guys will always be the same as that sentence Thank you for watching til the end Please keep supporting me click the bell and like fanpage as well as interact with me through instagram