My name is Nikita. I am from India. I grew up in Bangalore. I went to an international school in Bangalore. It’s called Mallya Aditi. I did my high school there. I’ve been in ESSEC now for almost 2 years. I did my first year in France and I did my
semester 3 in Singapore. The courses here are very different from a
lot of other business schools. For example, they are lot more focused on
soft skills. They have courses which help develop empathy,
leadership skills, instead of just focusing on the business courses like accounting, or
law, which is great, because I think that in the internship, I have done I have felt that those
have been more beneficial to me than the actual academic courses. I have met a lot of people from many different
countries. I have friends from all over Asia, Europe,
and United States of America. There were a few countries that I didn’t know
much, and to meet people from them, I was like: “It’s actually good for my
geography because now I can place every country on the globe!” ESSEC has a huge international focus. An average student visits 3 countries in 4 years. So normally you have you made friends at ESSEC, but
all over the world because you’re doing an exchange in year 3, where you are in a completely different university. You have a semester abroad in year 2 where
you’re actually meeting people from different countries thanks to ESSEC. That’s been great. I’ve been exposed to the
world a lot. ESSEC does have a lot of associations and
it’s a little bit different from the American associations – you actually have to apply for an
association and then join in. You have to get selected in an association,
because they want to ensure that you spend time on the association, that you don’t have
too many and you can handle it. Of course it is done by the students themselves. I am a part of 2 associations. One is “He For She”, which is for gender
equality. The second is “Sari” which is basically helping
students in France find volunteer work in India. I help with the partnerships.