Something I really got at Wesleyan was a lot
of individualized guidance. Professors were really good at helping us find scholarships,
helping us find study abroad opportunities, encouraging us to intern, and basically just get out and see something different, and that was extremely valuable to me. I was a Spanish
major and a Political Science major, and for Modern Languages, they really encourage you
to study abroad, so my sophomore year, I studied abroad in Pamplona, Spain, and that really
was formative to me because that changed my world view completely, and so having that
opportunity to just be abroad, speak a foreign language full-time, really encouraged me to
seek other opportunities. My junior year, I did the Capitol Hill Internship Program,
where Nebraska Wesleyan has a house in Capitol Hill and sends students every semester to
study, and there I interned at the State Department, and that really was the foundation to where I am today. So I work as a Foreign Service Officer in the State Department, which basically
means I work as a diplomat. I have a diplomatic passport, diplomatic credentials, and I move abroad every 2-3 years from embassy to embassy. I’m changing countries, I’m changing functions,
I’m changing issues that I cover every 2-3 years, and having a liberal arts education,
where you get really deep in whatever you’re specializing in, but are comfortable talking
and working with a lot of different subjects, is extremely useful. Visit