I’m Daven hart I’m a Bible major from
Roseburg Oregon study abroad’s been important to me because I feel like its helped me
see the world in a different way it’s helped me experience how God works in
different ways and how he works through different people in different settings
schoenbrunn was the very first thing I saw when I got to Vienna I mean the very
first day we got here we were hopped on the u-bahn got and come up here and we
climbed to the top of the Gloriette and you can see over the entire city it took
my breath away to realize that I was finally here something I had been
working towards for so long I’d finally gotten here and it was just the
beginning of this incredible three-month adventure that I couldn’t wait to start
Vienna’s kind of become home to me because I feel like it takes the family
aspect of OC when you come with a group of her friends and people that you get
to know and love and cherish and then you get to put it in this setting and
it’s such a gorgeous setting and you get to learn and just experience this place
different than you would in a textbook OC’s home to me because I just feel
like I can be myself there and meet people that are just like me and have
the same passions that I have and it’s like a family