but well has helped me in so many ways like our being here for only two semesters but it seems like have been here for three years so it’s like a family the diversity of water water is what makes for door so special everyone is friendly to you again they’ll say hi how are you you’re a new student they quickly realize that from your reaction and they you adjust properly and it’s quite easy to get in the mood at Porto I love because it makes people become more responsible independent and more mature there’s so many excellent teachers and even the counselors help us to choose the courses what fit to us what was really helpful because they help you to apply so choose the courses that you will need for University they’re always there for you they’re always offering their help they’re trying to give the students opportunity to have fun and learn together I think it really helped us to prepare for ourselves for our future since I came to bubble I’ve become a more independent person now I can do my laundry I can cook my own food sometimes I make my bed and I always I have to do this all the time comes back at home my mom used to do it for me but once I came here and I have to do it by myself I realized how much effort it takes and it’s it’s something I I feel good about myself I can do it I think your vaudeville is a really good school and I really recommend people that want to study a burden when a study in Canada go to encore to go to high school if you want to come to Bordeaux I’ve purchased the right choice and you won’t look down upon it in life you take your journey as is the one of the greatest decisions we’ve ever made