>>PROFESSOR PHIL RUSSO: The Ohio Public Leaders
Program really is the product of about two years’ worth of thinking, getting input from
alumni who are out in the field. We had an opportunity with the new Winter Term, so-called
“J-Term,” to create a very special immersion experience for some of our best students who
are interested in public affairs.>>ALLY KOHLER: What appealed to me about the
OPL program was just the real-life experience. Something I just couldn’t get in the classroom
and was just hands on, applying all the methods and all the research that I’ve learned in
the classroom to real life.>>TIM MANGOLD: It focused on local government,
dealing with county commissioners, and focusing on local government issues.>>BLAKE WOODWARD: I was looking for not only
a fellowship in just being able to shadow someone but also the hands-on experiential
learning that I got.>>ALYSSA DEIS: I learned a lot about public
policy and analysis, and I looked at human resources and personnel problems as well.>>AUBREY HALE: My favorite part of the Ohio
Public Leaders fellowship was the shadowing aspect. You don’t find many experiences like
that where you cannot only apply the concepts but expand on them as well.>>PROFESSOR PHIL RUSSO: We have a great network
out there, and a network of public leaders who were more than willing.>>PROFESSOR MARK MORRIS: We were really able
to match the mentor and student with their interest, which ideally is what you want to
do with some of these, because these are things that they potentially want to do for a career.>>JUSTIN WAUGH: I am very interested in both
obviously government but also the startup sort of emerging technology incubators and
things like that. I worked with Dana McDaniel out of the City of Dublin. He is the Deputy
City Manager there.>>ALEXANDRA TIRRELL: My mentor for the OPL
program was Karen Ryan, who was the Director of Government Relations at Convergys Corporation,
so she allowed me to get the behind-the-scenes experience on the whole art of lobbying and
legislation influencing.>>ALLY KOHLER: I actually had a Miami luncheon.
My mentor, Rick Platt, put it together, and it was 12 or 13 Miami alums from around the
area. I actually presented my findings to the city council and the mayor of Newark—the
downtown analysis of housing conditions, property conditions, and vacancies.>>TIM MANGOLD: I interned with the County
Commissioners Association, and I was partnered with Cheryl Subler. She is the policy director
for the County Commissioners, and she really brought me in under her wing.>>BLAKE WOODWARD: Judge Selvaggio orchestrated
a complete day for me at the Ohio Supreme Court. So I was able to sit in on oral arguments,
take a tour of the building, including the law libraries that are on the upper floors.>>ALYSSA DEIS: Working with Kim Cutlip, who
is the executive director of the Scioto Foundation, was a fantastic experience. I was doing a
miniature audit through their policies and procedures so that they could receive accreditation
from a national foundation.>>AUBREY HALE: My aspirations are to become
a city manager, and so I was with the director of public service and safety of the city of
Troy, Patrick Titterington.>>PROFESSOR MARK MORRIS: Really, the credit
goes to the mentors. We can’t say enough about them; they stepped up.>>PROFESSOR PHIL RUSSO: They realize the benefits
and the opportunities they received as students in the program and graduates of the program
or friends of the program, and they desperately wanted to participate in continuing the tradition
and enhancing the opportunities for Miami students.>>BLAKE WOODWARD: It kind of gave me an overall
perspective of the entire process and the goals of the judicial process.>>ALEXANDRA TIRRELL: It was really interesting,
especially from a reporter’s point of view, to see, oh, there’s a completely different
side of the legislation-making process.>>ALLY KOHLER: I definitely know I want to
get into the public service after this fellowship program.>>JUSTIN WAUGH: I’ll be able to use the networking
opportunities that the OPL fellowship provided for me to sort of launch a career into any
city government or state government or anything like that before heading to grad school.