this form is idiotic it is stupid and you know it so what do you do if you don’t understand something because some of these questions are quite difficult we don’t know what they’re trying to get I’m Thomas Hobart here’s the worm let’s get down to business [Music] you [Music] it’s a place for winners this episode we’re going to talk about some really weird thing that schools want it’s called the online application Wow the online application is very formal very boring part of an application you’ve done your essays you’ve got a killer CV you’re working on your recommendations it’s looking good you’re polishing your interview skills you’re getting ready and now there’s this thing called the online application the online application is very deep inside the application form on the website and it has a lot of stuff on it that sounds a lot like your CV and so naturally you’re saying what’s the difference between the online application in my CV why do I have to bother why do both there is a difference between your CV and the online application your CV is a personal portrait that you yourself create it’s your personal passport about your career and who you are and where you’re going the online application is a little bit more formal and we might even say it’s more like a template in order for the school to compare you to other candidates according to criteria that they value so all the criteria are the same your name your age we went to school all these things you fill it out just fill it out some schools have a very simple online applications very easy to fill out others have more complicated online applications for example a Harvard and Stanford have fairly complex online applications that ask job by job position by position what you did and what your responsibilities were and the highlights of those of those positions so be prepared should I just cut and paste from my CV into this place you could but it’s always best to be original if you can be fresh very often these forms have a word limit or there’s a little box that you have to put the information in it has a limited size so it forces you to arrange your thoughts differently this is critical this is another way a test if you will to show how you manage dealing with obstacles please give it your best show your best shot some online applications can be quite fun to have funny questions schools will ask you stuff about you know what’s your favourite food what movies do you like that can be easy that can be revealing the only one application often has boxes and spaces for your awards your languages and your test scores that means you can put them in your online application instead of on your CV that’s right so you can find a balance between your CV and the online application you want to put your career information on your CV that’s your career passport but in the online application you want to put stuff that they ask for for example did you did you win awards in University tell us what awards you would did you win a scholarship did you get a red diploma guess what most schools know what a red diploma is that’s right because people with red diplomas have been applying to these great schools for more than 25 years so don’t worry about it man just do it all right they’re gonna know what it is if you got a red diploma you’re awesome did you win a patan in scholarship guess what they know what it is it’s a big deal so put it in there all right do it were you were you captain of the swim team were you founder of the school pool shark club did you make money as a photographer on the side that could go in there separate your hobbies from your awards say stuff if they have a special place you can talk about entrepreneurship every forum is different you have to work it out with each form it’s not so hard but you’re gonna have to take your time to do it one critical point of an online application will be the part where the school says is there anything else you want to tell us most candidates look at this in this how odd that I should write another essay in this little box actually you shouldn’t because that little excuse box is not really for an essay and it might even say please don’t write an essay it’s gonna say is there anything else we should know that will help us evaluate your candidacy here’s where you say stuff that could be a deal-breaker for example I am blonde if you’re not blind but let’s say you did not so good on the GMAT but you still want to apply you got a 650 on the GMAT if you still want to apply I don’t know why you would do this but you’re you you might want to do this you were gonna say oh well I have got a 650 on the GMAT please be nice to me no you don’t ask the school to forgive you or to be understanding because schools are not understanding it school don’t care if you’ve got a 650 on the GMAT your hundred points below the average you’re really low you’re doing terrible so don’t just say please forgive me I didn’t do so well on the GMAT show us why they should not care so much about your GMAT for example maybe you got a low verbal score on the GMAT but you got a very high score on your toy ‘fl ah you did well on the poisel but not on the GMAT or for example who are a translator so your job is to translate it you have very good English anyway you just don’t take tests well or you work for an international company a consultancy a bank some other kind of construction company hey you work with client can you speak English all day long hey that sounds pretty good you didn’t get a good good verbal score on your GMAT well things happen maybe people don’t test well that is a good way to explain in that little space on the online application what went wrong of course it’s better to take the test again should I take the test again yeah but they’ll see that I got a bad score at first of course they will but if you got a bad score or seven like for example at 6:50 and then you got a 700 and then a 730 that shows progress that shows someone who’s making an effort over time to do better that might look better than getting a high score the first time one final thing we should talk about the online application you’re looking at this thing and you’re saying this is crazy this doesn’t make any sense guess what you’re right this form is idiotic it is stupid and you know it what does that mean it means the schools are not necessarily the most organized not necessarily the best at providing materials that are gonna work to present your your profile so what do you do if you don’t understand something because some of these questions are quite difficult we don’t know what they’re trying to get call the school ask them what yes that’s right some people say if I call the school they will never let me in the school they’ll know that I’m a fraud huh actually no that’s not true at all if you call the school it’s because you care it’s because you’ve got courage and you’re trying to get the information and you know some of these places they know that their online forums are not so clear so if you call and say hey what does this line mean on line 42 it says they want my mother’s college degree well my mother doesn’t have a college degree oh it doesn’t matter okay great you called you got the information it worked some schools like Harvard they respond really quick if they’re very attentive to their applicants other schools that take some more time because there’s a lot of applicants send an email make a call don’t worry get the information you need to go ahead to press ahead don’t worry you’re not gonna look bad or stupid for calling the school to get a little extra information to understand how to fill out this form all right guys up next we’re gonna talk about Sbrocco subscribe to flash why because you need it that’s why