Hi, I’m Kate Morris and I’m studying
education degree at Griffith. I love studying education here. Did you know
that Griffith is the only uni that doesn’t make you choose whether you want to study and teach primary, secondary or early childhood until second year? if
you’re interested in studying a degree that can prepare you to make a remarkable difference in the world, or follow your passion, you should come along to
Griffith Open Day on Sunday the 12th of August. The Bachelor of social science
ticked all of the boxes. It looks at society and people and behaviour and
relationships, but also that in environmental sustainability or global
security and to be able major in subjects like that, is so cool, like tailoring a course that meets my passion and my purpose. I chose Griffith because it’s ranked number one in Queensland for law and
it also has the largest criminology School in all of Australia. The thing I
love most about studying law at Griffith is the amazing practical experience that
you get. As soon as you start in first year, you’re immersed in a range of
amazing practical experiences. The legal clinics that Griffith offers are
absolutely incredible here. Whether you’re interested in criminal advocacy
or refugee and immigration law or whether you’re interested in negotiating
commercial disputes, there’s something here for absolutely everyone, which is
absolutely incredible. The reason that Griffith University is the number one ranked university for communications is because we really put a lot of effort
into making sure that our students are partnering with the communication
leaders. So, we partner with media outlets around Australia, like Fairfax, Murdoch or
even events in corporate communications organisations, purpose-built media
centres around the G20, the Commonwealth Games. We’ve partnered with Blues on
BroadBeach. We have students interning with the Walkleys. I’m really excited about the new degree that we’ve developed. Our
researchers are leaders in the field, here in Australia and internationally, but I
think what makes us really different is we really focus on the student,
the partners that we partner with, the opportunities that we create
specifically for our students to make sure they graduate with the skills that
they need to be future-ready for the media and the communication roles that
are coming. If you are interested in studying humanities, education, criminology or law
make sure you check out what’s on offer at Griffith Open Day. Visit the Griffith
website to plan your day.