(gentle guitar music) – Plant and Soil Sciences is the overlying department
of studying crops, soils, natural resources, a little bit of environmental science too. It’s just a really hands on program. We offer a lot of classes that get you out in the
field looking at things that you’re gonna deal
with in your profession, right there while you’re in college, not just in the classroom all
the time learning theories, you’re getting to apply things. The reputation of the
program is very high. The research we do here,
we have the agronomy farm and we’re doing research
trials, producing varieties that are used all over the
state, all over America. We provide opportunities
for undergraduate research in assisting professors
in their current research, or assisting grad students
in their current research. I’ve done a project with one
professor about sorghum trials. It’s a very easy opportunity to get into, you just have to make that conversation, hey, I want to study this, and your professors will help
you out and get trials done. The scholarship opportunities available range from doing research,
you get scholarships for that, being outstanding grade-wise or if you’re on one of the
judging teams, soil or crop, you can get scholarships for that too. There’s just a lot of
ways to get scholarships by just being involved. Getting scholarships has
helped solidify my decision on staying here. Being out of state, it’s more expensive, but the scholarship opportunities is the motivation to succeed and keep doing what I’m doing here. It is just a really great
opportunity to meet good people because you know everyone almost. It’s like a small town. I can go to lunch at
a restaurant on campus and say hi to five people. It’s just everyone’s friendly. It’s a family atmosphere. Everyone’s trying to
help everyone succeed, and it’s just a really great place to be.