well made me come here because I wanted to set my self apart from the rest of the people that are getting their MBA in sports management because I feel like this program is very unique that it’s the only one affiliated with you know a major sports team like Real Madrid also the brand is awesome it’s the number one team our sports brand in the world so that is also why I chose this one also because I feel like going back to United States it would you know I would be different from the rest like I said it’s different being one of the only girls in the program because my bachelor’s you know it was so diverse with men and women and coming here getting your MBA in sports management obviously it’s not dominated with men so that was definitely different and kind of intimidating and when I first decided to do it I I was really nervous and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to like handle it but so far all the guys are really nice and they’re very supportive and very welcoming so yeah that was very surprising and different when well I’m just learning about you know well I guess the motto is learning by living and I really have taken to that I I think they try to incorporate as many learning experiences for all the students like you know going to Baskonia going to press conferences you know going to watch the games it’s very like important I guess for us in our career journeys and one of whatever we would like to do afterwards so yeah definitely learning by living is definitely what I’ve taken from this program so far for my for me my background is different from everyone else’s like I I come from our my sport is American football and I used to be NFL cheerleader so with that being said I would love to work for it whether it is the Texans where I used to work with or any any any sports team any NFL team up you know I’d love to work for them maybe in the communications department but also I would love to open up a gym or something because I used to teach ballet classes to athletes and I found that many our football players are American football players like really took to the class and really enjoyed it but they would kind of be nervous with other dances around so I figured out that by creating an environment where it’s just so like only athletes they get you know the most out of it so I definitely want to do something along those lines creating dance and sport together so I’m still thinking about it you