Okie-Dokie today is the day I explore the life of the thousand degree knife this fucken thing has been dishing out a lot of vigilante justice online one of its early victims was a bar of soap I personally think hygiene is overrated so fuck yes for knife just bloody kill the soap kill it with fire Now this one is a bit unfair ping pong has never hurt anyone it brings happiness to the world But the knife doesn’t give a single fuck and it carves through the ball like butter I actually think whipping out your thousand-degree knife when you have guests over is a great thing to do you can be like ” Oi grandma you want some bloody cheese?” “let me cut you some cheese” “there you go, grab a cracker” “there’s some hummus” “enjoy your fucking steaming cheddar” I’m gonna go reheat my knife. oh now this is great If you have a passive-aggressive colleague in the workplace “go stick your post-it notes up your ass” “My flaming knife and i will not tolerate this shit anymore” after cutting some more cheese for grandma you can also mutilate a local enemy with your 1000 degree knife if your little sister is annoying this knife will help you destroy her shoes She gonna go to school tomorrow, and her toes will be sticking out the front of her sneakers This is definitely the knife for you. If you love a good prank “you want some fucken sausages grandma?” “I’ll cook a barbecue that’ll blow your socks off” OH the knife thinks it can take on coca cola That is ambitious It seems to be able to get through the lid okay but now the coke is fighting back It says “don’t you know who I am?” “I am a billion dollar product” “I rebranded fucking Santa Claus” so the knife gives up and decide to murder Coke’s little brother instead we always knew you were weak as piss pepsi You’re a fucken soft cock