Welcome back to another video right now today is 26th of august,2019 wait a minute ya and I have to go on the 8th of September so obviously I have to do the packing while I was packing I thought to make a video for you about the important things to carry so all those things you do carry which would be essential there that’s why this video and those books behind me, don’t mind I deliberately spread those books to show in the video as it must look like a room of a medical student firstly let’s start with clothes their winters range between -15c to -20c I am talking about deep winters In the deep winters , Indian jackets won’t work there eventually, you have to buy from there only deep winter jackets and boots now I am talking about boots not shoes their simple shoes don’t work off so boots clothes its better to bring less as you will buy there also now the next thing is after clothes lets talk about footwear sandals and slippers these two things I am telling not to bring as it gets very cold outside your foot will get cold very fast to keep your legs from catching cold do carry shoes 2 pair of shoes would be best 1 pair of shoe will also be enough do carry 1 pair of slippers for wearing in the hostel in hostel slippers and remaining other wherever you go outside wear shoes now we have talked about clothes, slippers ,.. you have to buy a pair of boots from there also its price starts from 700 to 800 uah you can buy them anywhere in the market other than clothes and footwear if you gonna cook there but ultimately you have to cook for yourself as there is not a single good mess last time I also thought I would join mess there but ultimately I get to know what? there is not a single good mess there there were some but they delivered food for some months and after that, they also were closed so that’s why I am saying on starting you would find some mess but ultimately you have to cook for yourself thats why if you want you can bring cooking utensils no that doesn’t mean you take all of them all utensils you would find there other than a pressure cooker do carry a pressure cooker you won’t find Indian spices there some are available but they are expensive so Indian spices how much you would need there take it with you only. either its tea leaves or turmeric powder that all things now you have to cook by yourself don’t worry I was also feeling awkward like how will I cook but ultimately you will all manage that now its seems like a huge task but you will do it don’t worry now let’s talk about books its first year what are the books required what are subjects all that now if you want i would make a separate video about all that what books are required how to study if you want that video so comment below that I want the video carry all your documents 10th ,12th certificate maintain it in a file now file let me show you this type of file would work better to maintain all certificates in this type of file all you 10 and 12th certificate all these certificates are very important and they are better if maintained in a file and also so carry your passport size photos after this one more thing let me find that now, what’s this? you might be thinking its like 3pin adapter like thing but it’s not now wait i am gonna tell you in foreign, electric sockets are different we call it travel adaptor ultimately it’s not but its a type of if you would buy it from India it is expensive here you can get it there also so leave it as your simple chargers won’t work in that socket buy it there and you would find it easily in the market that would be cheaper also now what else is left one thing more about stationery they are a bit expensive better would be to carry all that copies pen and all that in first year subjects are main medical subjects are anatomy physics biology chemistry other subjects are Ukrainian Latin in all these subjects the main medical science subject is anatomy.for anatomy you have to bring in India, you would find a book of bd chaurasia he is an Indian author for those who don’t know all medical students in india prefer that , like that look you would get anatomy books there also for there its better to study from there books it’s not different like we have to give fmge so we have to study from that also for preparing for fmge we have to study from Indian authors books in 2nd one more subject adds up that histology in histology, you would require an Indian author book ib singh thats inderbir singh histology that would be better now many of you were asking does a laptop have any use we dont have special use of laptop we study mostly from pdfs for that if you want you can bring laptop but mobile is best for that so it’s not necessary to bring a laptop one thing more if you are like me who wear specs I do wear glasses glasses there are a bit expensive so better you should carry one extra pair of that I also have 2 pairs remaining any other doubts regarding what to carry like I have told you what are you gonna do for food you don’t be just dependent on the mess look if I tell you what I have done last year for food this video is getting longer so I would tell you about all these things in the next video let’s make another video on about how to study if you would tell me then I would make that also let’s just end here is anything left no nothing ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR JOURNEY WE ARE ALSO COMING LETS MEET