Thanks to ‘Parasite’ and its sucess, South
Korean cinema is now the darling of the worldwide film community. For a closer look everything about ‘Parasite’,…
film critic and Professor at Korea Soongsil Cyber University, Jason Bechervaise joins
us in the studio today. Thanks so much for coming in! Great to be here! 1. So yesterday was a historic day indeed for
South Korean cinema. First of all though, what does winning the
Best Picture and Best director mean in general? How
great of an honor is it for those in the movie industry? 2. “Parasite’s” upset of presumed front-runner
“1917” was definitely a rare surprise on Oscar night. How did this happen? What do you think made this possible for ‘Parasite’? 2a. What were some of Director Bong Joon-ho’s
past films that won international recognition? 3. Were there any other foreign films in the
past that were nominated for the Oscars and won? Were there any foreign films that were *nominated
for Best Picture and Best director? 4. Many say this
is only the beginning of a new, global stage for South Korea’s film
industry and that ‘Parasite’ really opened the door for not only Korean but other foreign films as well. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks so much for your insight today