Talk about the most popular sport in your
country. The most popular sport in my country is badminton. It is popular because it can be played by
two to four players so it doesn’t need a lot of people to do it and it only takes a small
space unlike soccer where you need a bigger space to play it on. The funny thing about badminton is that they,
instead of using balls they use the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is like a little ball but
had feathers stuck onto it. Basically the game is similar to tennis and
volleyball. Badminton was introduced to Indonesia by the
British. It was actually a game from India called poona and the game was popularised
by the British before it came to Indonesia. Sudirman Cup is the international tournament
for badminton. It is held every two years so the next one is going to be held in 2009. I think the last country that won the cup
was China and they had it for several tournament in a row. Before that I think Indonesia has
won several cup itself. I don’t play it often but when I play it I
play it with my friends just for fun. So we only need to use a street outside my
house for example and we don’t need actually use the net so we use some kind of trees or
anything that can divide it between me and my opponent. You need to get a lot of practice on a very
wide range of topics. Don’t just think about it – you need to practise it.