[MUSIC PLAYING] ALICIA: My mom does hair. And we always go to hair shows. And that’s where I met Miss
P, one of the instructors at Laney. I was thinking of going to
school for doing just nails. But she was telling
me about the program, about the trip,
how I could do more with that license
than just nails. And that’s what got
me into the program and wanting to go to the trip. I wanted to see a whole
different country, and go with my mom. I thought it would be fun. It’s something that
she likes to do. And I could learn and
see different parts of the industry, as well. We did stuff before,
meetings and fundraisers, like photo shoots. We got to meet with
some other people and get to know who
we were going with. It was fun to do
all that together and go home and talk
about it at the end and have a memory about it. [MUSIC PLAYING]