Going out to London and just seeing the culture,
the sights, the history. It was the best experience. ALICIA CARDENAS: Ms. P, one
of the instructors at Laney, was telling me about the
program, about the trip. That’s what got me
into the program. RIKA WARD HUNTER: The way Laney
set the whole trip up start to finish, like very easy. We had a tour guide. He met us from the airport,
they took us to the hotel. They gave us cards, numbers
if we ever got lost. Everything was
just so organized. LOUIS GOLTZ: We
created this class for learning cosmetology
advanced special projects. It’s open to anybody in
the cosmetology industry to go check out an
area of the world known for top end fashion,
different methods of styling. RIKA WARD HUNTER: A
lot of the techniques that I saw in London, I
definitely brought back. At a barber shop,
they were changing with fire which we don’t
really see here in the States. It seems to clean the
hair a little bit better. LOUIS GOLTZ: The idea is to
get your hands on culture, and receive certifications
for techniques taught by the masters. RIKA WARD HUNTER: We
went to Tony & Guy, and Tony & Guy is
really big in London because they actually
work a lot of the runways. LOUIS GOLTZ: The students got
trained in haircut and color. They gave us half an hour break,
then they said welcome back, here are your clients. When the clients
left, Tony and Guy came out and presented
all the students with training certificates. Not everyone has an
opportunity to go work with the people who’ve
inspired them growing up. RIKA WARD HUNTER: It
was really, really cool, because who ever
would’ve thought you would be working
with someone who actually does a runway show? We also went to the
London School of Makeup. I had never been
in a room that big, with so many different
selections of makeup. They would show us looks, and
they’d let us recreate it. LOUIS GOLTZ: People were leaving
with gold leaf editorial makeup styles on their face, on
the tube back to the hotel. DOMINIQUE BROWN: To come
back with a certification from a makeup school, and
then also the certification from Tony and Guy would
be so beneficial for when we graduate from school. We’ll have more credentials,
like a life push. RIKA WARD HUNTER: I
currently own The Braid Bar. I enrolled in school
just because I want to offer my clients
just a little bit more on the hair side. To have it on that level
I felt like I wouldn’t be able to get that
opportunity anywhere else but with the school. Just the way that
everything was set up, it was a really
good experience You get to see a
different country, you get to experience
different foods. And when you go with the school,
it’s just more structured. It was my first study
abroad experience, and I definitely
want to do more, like I would like to go
to other countries just to see the industry again from
a different point of view. ALICIA CARDENAS: It was
fun to do together and have a memory about it.