the university of chicago conducted a study
to see whether or not admitted english speakers discriminate against those who have access
unit and the results of the study are is that yes we did incredibly unsurprising right uh… first
so i’m not a native english speaker so i don’t discriminate but you know are really what you were going
to be infringed yeah i i went to uh… i can about not knowing where to be
good that’s amazing i didn’t even know that that
was that that’s why sometimes i’ve worked all talk shows so that our non-native speakers
he make republican heads explode all throughout the country but hate wheeler doing seat city uh… alright cell uh… with the university of
chicago did is day they ask people too josh eight percent reading a statement ok
and they judged on a scale one to ten in terms of believability alcohol disaster the arabs
who knew so poorly white raided delhi reggaeton break it down
like that but i want to meet with the results are ana believability scale of one to ten the
statement read by native english speakers were at a seven point five uh… okay uh… and then uh… those are the flight
accents were rated at is six point nine those what at without having accent were rated
at six point eight by and by the way you know who supports the
most but in okay at the end on their did if they could have been but x of course that i had no part of a crime it’s like a little bit overnight if up by
the way i dint i hate you know of course an intuitive sense of this was pretty obvious uh… so whenever i go to the reports you
know overall brand skin relatives as they are funny name so as soon as the security looks at my i_d_ as they have added a lot right and every time the background uh… but you know what’s interesting is that the researchers
here claimed that discrimination doesn’t have anything
to do with it they claim that it has to do with whether or not you
can understand the individual if you can’t understand with the individual is saying then you’re less likely to trust him or her that’s not irrational so i would say that
probably has something do with it utilities finished there’s nothing to with
it mhm bombarded right and you know you know we don’t know that since
the tried and and i’m sure that what acts if they did a study which they definitely
should of different kind of accessing there were having fun by republicans and he’s now act how do you
know i think all of them are cars is your answer but will left for the next time but could article was that we believe that chinese accent outback guilty he was busy her program