My name is Fiona, I’m from Indonesia and
I’m studying a Bachelor in Philosophy and Accounting in UWA
Australia, I think it’s a really beautiful country with beautiful people
The people are so happy and then the country is so beautiful with nature and stuff
It’s also really close to Indonesia so I think that’s the best option for me
Perth is a really good place to study in, because it’s really quiet, it’s really
relaxing and it makes you focus your studies better
Everything is usually recent research and you get the opportunity to talk with your
lecturers, have your supervisor supervise you personally
It’s a great learning programme We have the research placement programme,
we also have the student exchange programme which allowed me to go to another country
and study there as well For my study abroad programme I went to Harvard
University and I studied strategic management It was such an eye-opening moment for me
It was a little bit intimidating but it was really fun
The classes were really fun and although it was like really intense, it was also really
enjoyable as well I’m sure my parents are really proud of
us, I hope so, but I feel like us going to UWA makes them really proud
they keep telling me that I’ve become more confident here, that I moved to Australia
and study in UWA compared to when I was in Indonesia
If you have a dream, pursue it because nothing is impossible
Even I can be in the Bachelor of Philosophy, so I feel like anybody could do it
I don’t regret my decision coming to Australia because it’s really nice studying here