(funky upbeat music) – Pioneer Prep is our three day program. It’s held over the summer
and we are so thrilled to invite high achieving scholars from the Latinx and Black, African American, and African communities onto our campus. We do workshops and a
series of things around college access, cultural identity, and leadership formation for students to really help give them an edge up as they begin thinking about
college for themselves. My name is Miriam Tapia-Salinas and I am the Executive Director for Diversity Enrollment
and Community Partnerships here at the University of Denver, and I oversee the Pioneer
Prep Leadership Institutes. We’re so thrilled that
so many of our students who go through Pioneer
Prep may end up here at DU. We’re trying to find the premiere educational opportunities for students, and really just prepare them for success. I think what we’re most proud of is the sense of identity and pride, and a sense of knowing and confidence that students get from
attending our programs and beginning to think
about themselves critically, as scholars, and as community members, and really as leaders. – Basically through this program it’s able to help people like me, who are first generation students, or people who are also immigrants, navigate the process and
connect with other students who have gone through the same thing, and open new doors that we didn’t know even existed beforehand. Definitely what I will take with me is newfound hope and
determination to strive towards getting into the best college, and hopefully getting as many scholarships as I possibly could. – In these past few days I’ve learned the importance of knowing
your cultural identity and taking pride in it, rather than being apologetic for how you are. From attending this program, I think that I’m going to be shaped into a more inclusive person, as well as being someone
more knowledgeable and aware of how to use my intelligence to help the people around me, and to just make the world a better place. – I think my favorite part of Pioneer Prep is the relationships
I’ve been able to create. Coming to the University of Denver as a student of color can sometimes be hard, it is a predominantly white institution and it’s important to
have a support system and people you can connect with. Hi, my name is Victoria Price-Husher. I am a rising senior at
the University of Denver, and I am one of the lead
mentors for Pioneer Prep. – Three years ago I came in as a scholar, and then a year later I was admitted to the University of Denver. The minute I got here I
felt welcomed by everybody. I really felt like this
university’d give me the best opportunity
to do the best I could. Students should come
to Pioneer Prep because it’s not just a recruiting strategy, as a lot of people might think, it’s really about caring for the student and finding themselves and where they really want to be in life. Finding their own identity in life. It was really more about, who are you? What’s going on in the world? How can you change the world? What can you do about
that to make yourself a better person? – As a student who went
through the program and as a mentor in the program now, I’ve been able to develop
various deep connections with students, mentors, and employees at the University of Denver. Regardless of if you’re interested in the University of Denver or not, the program will give you the information that you need to go into
the professional world and to go into the college world. – It’s important for the scholars here at the university to believe in themselves. It’s important for them to realize that they have all the tools
necessary to succeed. They already have the
tools, it allows them to sharpen those tools to
better position themselves and make a better way for them, as well as their family members. This program allows them to
put their best foot forward. – [Miriam] We invite your application to Pioneer Prep Leadership Program. We know it will be three days of transformational learning and growth, and community building, and we hope really strong connections with our staff, our team, our faculty, and our staff here at the
University of Denver for you.