Zach Jason at Boston College Magazine. We’re on Stokes lawn. It’s move-in day, the students are back, their hopes and fears
and tans remain intact before the semester eats them alive, and we’re here
to talk to them. Where are you coming from? I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m from Maine. South Florida. I’m from Worcester, Mass. Mapped out majors yet? I’m a bio major. Bio as well. I’m a sociology major. I’m studying finance and marketing. Communications. History. Finance. Economics. I’m an econ major, so I got a bunch of
econ books here. What year you guys? Seniors. I’m a freshman. I’m a sophomore. I’m a freshman. Are you at BC as well? No, I’m not. Roommates? Yep. Direct roommates? Yeah. How’s that working out? Real good. We’ve been here for like an hour. Yeah, it’s been going great so far. You roommates? No, we play rugby together. Has the season started? We’re in pre-season right now, so we’re just
training. Yeah, we have two days. You guys want to simulate a throne. What are you most looking forward to in your first semester? Probably volunteer service activities. I’m looking forward to like the football games and like getting to know people that way. I think just being in the the Boston area. Probably the
well-rounded education at Boston College. What are you really most looking forward to? Meeting new people. I’m just looking forward to the whole new experience here of coming to a new country, new city, and studying abroad. I’m looking forward to
parents weekend, seeing him again. I don’t go to school here buddy. Are you looking forward to anything? Not seeing you again. Can you guys point to your first class
where it’s located? I can, well I mean, it’s there somewhere. Can you point to your first class? Do you know where it is? I don’t even know what it is? Right there in Stokes. Stokes, alright.
What’s something you’re dreading this semester? Figuring out my class schedule. Organic chemistry. I’m gonna have to say the coming cold. I’m on the crew team, so you know. Well she’s far, so the distance is a struggle for me personally. What about you? Excess spending. Dad keeping the finances in line. What are you most dreading? Graduation. Yeah, I mean leaving here. I mean, yeah,
self-explanatory. The workload is gonna be different from our high schools. And managing your time. Any advice for your students before they start? Get plenty of sleep. What do you think are the average hours of sleep? Typical weekday, probably five to six. What are you most missing about Jersey right now? My family, definitely. Did they impart any advice before they dropped you off? Don’t date freshman year. Any advice for your son as he continues with sophomore year? Just keep up the good work. You did great, so keep that up and continue to have fun with your friends. Any advice for your little sister as she begins college? We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve gained
the freshman 15, we’ve learned how to rock, and that’s a wrap.