So I decided to take my degree another step and go back to do some postgraduate learning partly because I had reached a point in my career where I got to quite a high level but felt I didn’t have the skills to progress any further. Postgraduate studies for Pharmacy is very important. When I did my diploma it allowed me to go into practice work. One of the key things that we offer for our students is flexibility to study, when they want to study and how they want to study. I can work at weekends or I can work in the evenings on the KLE. They will try and fit it around your life and your sort of role and things to make it as easy to fit in as possible. One thing that I found really beneficial for me as an older student with family commitments and otherwise is the distance learning approach and the support remotely from some of the tutors at Keele. That really suited my lifestyle and the way I work here with a busy job. The fact that it is totally distance learning all of the module material is provided online, means that students can study whenever and wherever. Our distance learners are certainly not disconnected from the school they have accessibility to the staff as if they were on campus but it’s communication as well, not just with their personal tutors but with the experts that we bring into the school. The tutors that I’m working with are very experienced in the field that their working in. You can get experience through the phone and they will email you throughout just to say “how are you getting on?” I have stayed in touch with two or three of the students that were on MSc and that’s helped to form a network of other Pharmacists. We have many students who come back to study with us, so they might have done their initial diploma with us and used that to develop their career and then when they’ve come to a certain stage in their career they’ve come back to do an MSc with us. In some ways, some academic studies can be a little bit removed. The stuff I’m doing at Keele you put straight into practise sort of when you go back to work the next day almost you can see the benefit straight away. Students can choose to study modules that meet their own particular learning needs so that they can actual create their own bespoke award to fit in with their own personal career development. There are choices whether you want to do a set sort of module or whether you want to tailor it to what you think your needs are so that was the bit that actually appealed quite a lot. I’m now doing my DPharm I’m hoping that I’ll do more academic work and research work and that’s what Keele University have allowed me to do with the flexibility of the courses. The benefits is that you can see them quite quickly, you can go away from a module that you’ve done and the next day go to work and think right I’m going to try and put into practise what we’ve just been learning. I’ve had a range of academic studies in other universities but I’ve come back because of the flexibility at Keele. Every student is individual and we aim to meet their particular individual learning needs.