Hmmmm We made it! High-five We are at the Bachelor presentation of a roommate [rambling] Nice, high-five I would not have wanted to miss this How’s studying going? Going well! I’ve already re-watched 1.5 lectures Answered both questions correctly! It’s really cold today.. How’s studying going? Perfect. It looks so pretty! It’s a bit too cold for these food trucks I’ve had enough It’s way too cold outside Welcome ladies and gentleman, today we will finish the last of Chapter 6 Small lecture break. I didn’t have lunch yet, so I’m going to check if the canteen is still open They were all sold out.. Lecture is about to start again. I think? It’s quite cool, because it’s one of the last lectures the professor is adding in some extra’s to make the lecture more fun. Which helps. Now I’ve got an infra-red camera here, Let’s start with showing you! Smile and wave at the camera. You cannot ‘look through’ metal objects with this, that’s for sure. There’s a small boy who has hidden himself in a dark room. The team needs to find the boy so they’re going to use an infra-red camera. Not a bad idea, right? Look, the boy! The boy is inside of this metal cabinet.. The metal door opens.. And the boy exits and is safe. Infra-red camera’s are really cool and usefull in tons of situations. But this example was absolute nonsense. There is another lecture after this where they will go through an old exam, from the other course: fluid dynamics. But I’m not up-to-date with the course material so I’d rather just study by myself. Final study break, before we hide our phones for an hour, till 18:00. And then we can go home! Do you know what that momument is? No? You don’t kow? It’s slices of a salami. On a cutting board. No joke, it really is a salami. That is the salami? And those are the slices? And that is the cutting board? Jep! And that is on the TU Delft campus? Jep! It really is called the salami sculpture.. Do you want more fun-facts? Let me know! #TUDELFTFUNFACTS I’m done for today, it’s around 19:00. Heading home for a nice, warm meal I’m going in I want a blanket! ‘We have started’ Back to studying! It’s time for another lecture. Best thing there is. Exactly! Final lecture of the course, on a Friday afternoon, right before the exams. Almost nobody’s here The end of the day for me. I’m done for the day! Tomorrow morning I’ll go to the library at 08:00, and I’m sure we’ll have to queue. So I’ll see you there! Welcome to the Library at 08:00 Break time. Do you have some more TU Delft funfacts? Yeaahh! That’s fun The queue is even longer than yesterday.. Really? Yeah, much bigger. Goodmorning! Hi! Run, run, run! Same spot! Ice on the canals! This is the first time in 4 years that I have seen ice on the canals. People have ice-skated on here this afternoon. Allright. I’m done for now!