Good morning, I am delighted to introduce
you to our International MBA program at IÉSEG, a selective program aimed at successful managers
willing to become international leaders. We have several assets to offer you. The first
one is that our program is unique in providing an in-depth understanding of the European
context to help you suceed as international leader in an international environment. Our
second asset is that we will immerse you into a world of cultural differences. In fact,
you will collaborate with exceptionnal classmates coming from all over the world and with professional
experience in both emerging and mature markets. Finally, you will be immersed in IÉSEG global
melting pot. The school welcomes every year students from top universities of more than
70 nationalities. The third asset of our program is that we
provide a good balance between theory and practice. At the beginning of the program,
you will start with preparatory and fundamental courses to ensure that you have all the necessary
analytical and business skills to succeed in any management position. After that, the
application and extension models allow you to go more in-depth into various domains of
business. Also, you will have the opportunity to go even more in-depth in one chosen area
of business through our electives such as luxury management. Finally, the business plan
and application models will allow you to put the theory into practice before going back
to the business world. Indeed, you will have to deal with complex business issues, very
concretely in an international environment. Our fourth asset is our academic excellence.
IÉSEG is ranked number 2 for research. You’ll benefit from our renown faculty members, using
the latest teaching tools, one-to-one customized interaction and class collaboration to provide
with best possible learning experience. Our fifth and last asset concerns professionnal
opportunities. We’re dedicated to help you find your desired international position.
Indeed, a dedicated team will coach you personally in your professional project and in your search
for a job internationally. At IÉSEG, many events are organized throughout the year with
companies such as company meetings, corporate talks, career fair and invitation of guest
speakers. Also, you will have access to IÉSEG Alumni Network that has managers working in
top positions all over the world. I am truly looking forward to welcome you
in our program and invite you to know us better through our website. Thank you for your attention.