Education is being delivered as if t were a separate practice than all life practices Separate ministry, separate institutions, are running as an activity by itself I think the problem lies in this very conception I divide education into two broad categories One is Life-education the other is vocational education Life-education is always going on as we go on facing situations & undergoing them. It is in terms thinking logically, getting involved in one legal matter or other, moral dilemmas, health & how to communicate properly Putting languages into curriculum is different thing than actually using them Logic, ethics, law, medicine, economics are the areas in which everyone has to have some capability What is taught to everybody compulsorily are science, mathematics geography & history. In science & mathematics very high level topics like calculus or trigonometry or highly specialized topics This is irrespective of how one is earning his livelihood But how many of us do require these high level topics? A very few of us rarely use them. These capabilities & attitudes must be learnt right from the beginning But life education areas Logic, ethics, law, medicine, economics absent from the curriculum This is strange For example one can not plead ignorance i.e. giving defense that “I was not aware of the law” is not allowed in any court of law This is OK otherwise everyone can play this trick It is duty of every citizen to update himself about laws Is it not a duty of the State to educate its subjects about laws? But what about a conjugate responsibility of the State? So legal education must be there for all But all these are taught at post graduate level. These arts must come in right from the beginning & also the art of keeping up mental stability But all these can be learnt via social movements, undergoing situations & counseling needed from time to time. Class-room sessions on the theories of these areas & student reproducing them by memorizing them is of no use It is always true that learning anything essentially requires practicing it No swimming without entering the water Music means to start singing or playing instruments While leaning by actually doing you are bound to go wrong But it is precisely these mistakes that make you learn Opportunity to make mistakes without suffering the consequences is opportunity of education In vocation education without surveying ever newly emerging needs & the newly required capabilities to cater for the new needs age old syllabi are being pushed through Employment is nothing but bringing about a meeting of needs & capabilities There has to a continuing search of such ‘meetings’ Furthermore as we do see in practice all employers anyway have to train the new recruits whatever certificate they might be already ‘having’ In any case Industry has to bear the cost of training Why not make it a responsibility of industry of carrying out vocational education? Professors who have the only profession of professorship are trying to teach all other actual professional & true professionals are not entering educational field As these basic transformations are not occurring what has happened to education? It has become an ‘employment guaranty scheme’ for teachers postponement of unemployment scheme for students! This is not a paltry scam that may occur sometimes This is a huge institutional lacuna that is haunting us Very serious & fundamental rethinking is badly needed