The most competitive employment
situation that anyone will ever be in is graduate recruitment. There are more
students entering the market you know post study than than ever before – and so
there’s a real challenge about how to differentiate yourself where you’ve
really got a background in study, but not a background in employment. So jointly
with Swinburne we saw the opportunity to really you know fill the gap of building
graduate employability in a meaningful way in parallel you know with their
learning. So it gives us two years to really get the students ready, rather
than a mad rush at the end of the program. Career Success Program helped us
improve our communication skills as well as providing us an opportunity to
grow our industry connections. We work with the students to help them get clear
about the roles they want and why they want them. Then to work with them
individually on building their own skills around interviewing and
networking and what they need to understand and be very comfortable in
practicing in real life. Through the individual coaching sessions I learn how
to develop my resume as well as how to develop my LinkedIn profile. I just had
my second career coaching session about a week ago and that helped me understand
how I can implement my technological knowledge and that session was mainly
for long-term career plans. And then finally with that clarity with that
capability the confidence automatically grows which is a key part in the whole
job search process. Based on the workshops that’s being done
by Career Success Program, they’ve invited a lot of industrial people. From then
on I could meet them and then create an opportunity for myself to know about
them and then to know about the industry and then it helps me with my employment.
So at NHP we look at people who want to make a difference and for people who
want to make that difference within a strong team. Path’s a great engineering
graduate and Swinburne turnout a lot of those. What sets Path apart is that is a
great communicator and communication is essential in a business environment
because business is a team sport. Before the Career Success Program my
communication skills and networking options were limited but after the
career success program I believe that my communication skills have significantly
improved as well as I have developed my and grown my networking options. We know our students come through better
prepared than others that haven’t had the benefit of a program like the Career
Success Program and we know that because employers tell us that – and it’s two
things; They perform really well in the selection process but when they get on
board they understand the sorts of things that they need to do to add value
in employment.