Welcome in South Africa! South Africa Goodmorning! Really nice that you are watching this video! Hi and welcome to this documentary about Stellenbosch University. Today we are going to tell you something about our experiences in Stellenbosch. We are here since 11 July, so that’s for four months already. And we are really enjoying our time here. We have worked really hard here, because we had to write a lot of assignments. Six papers, small assignments, big assigments, tests… – Please, film a little bit more distantly – But we have also had a lot of fun. We joined the surfing society, We signed up for the gym (if we have also been to the gym is another question). But we have really nice experiences till now on. *loud noise of the hand dryer* We are in our lecture room right now. It is very cold here! I am going to put on my jacket. I am really tired. In fact, that’s all we have to tell now. Our lecture will start again now, but we haven’t understood anything. No? It is actually super clear. Is it super clear for you? They don’t believe in differences between man and woman, – No, I don’t understand that! We didn’t do our homework for this lecture, so we will let the chips fall where they may. *Teacher*: Okay folks, I think we can carry on It’s even colder over here. We are here in the next classroom. And it is even colder than in the previous room. From the Sahara we arrived at the North Pole. This lecture is about 1 and 2 Kings. Probably, we will become supercooled. – I really don’t want to read the articles. I really don’t know what I am doing in this country. I still haven’t enjoyed one single minute over here. – No, I also don’t understand what we are doing here. Welcome, welcome! Welcome at the phenomenon, which is called a “tutorial”. That is actually a really well-known kind of teaching in Stellenbosch. We don’t have these tutorials at our home university. But what are we doing here? We are discussing here things we have heard in lecture. And that’s really nice. Especially in Stellenbosch, because these students are really enthusiastic. So what is happening when we are discussing? I will show it to you! This is a girl, who is going to stand on a chair, and she acts like… She is getting crazy when she is discussing, because she wants to make her point. So that’s why she is standing upon chairs and screaming. So the discussions are really nice. We are eating a lot of cookies at the moment. For 9 rand (convert it by means of Google) you can buy these cookies and then you can eat a lot of them. So we bought them twice already. And I bought also hot chocolate – while it is quite warm weather outside. Actually we should study now. But we are enjoying sunshine in the cantine. We have just opened the luxaflexes. – Mine is higher than yours. – Really? He wants more sunshine. Yes, if it’s shining… Hallo, können Sie auch verstehen was Sie lesen? // Hi, do you also understand what you are reading? Nein, ganzlich nicht // No, totally not. As you have seen we have to study a lot in South Africa. So is it really worth it to study abroad? Definitely yes! Prof. Dr. J.P. Versteeg already stated it: Take your time for it! This is the way to go. Especially Stellenbosch where you’ve got theology in its core! – Yeah, that’s true! – So you are convinced this is the best option ever? I am convinced that it could be that, but not only six months. A year or so! Well, there’s so many reasons to come to Stellenbosch. For one: the landscape is amazing! The wine is the best there is. The whole environment just creates a space for students to learn, to experience. If I had an opportunity to go somewhere, as a student, My first, second and third option would be: Stellenbosch University. Amen! But how is it to live in a student town like Stellenbosch? Two experts are here! Hello Mr Van Lingen and Mr Van Ingen. – Goodmorning! Stellenbosch is a genuine student town with a nice atmosphere. (I’ll make space for this car behind me. Otherwise they will toot.) But when it’s holiday, there is no human being to be seen over here, because only students and a few old people live here. – Is it unsafe over here? At some places it is, but – as you will see – there is security at many places. So it’s safe enough! CAMPUS SECURITY Hello, my name is Viktoria! And I am coming from Austria. I am 26 years old And I am studying in Stellenbosch. It’s super cool! And I don’t want to go back to Austria! Because South Africa is very, very nice! Hi! Bye! So we are here with one of our fellow students. Our favorite fellow student of course! And she’s here. Do you like it that we are here? Yeah! I like having conversations with you guys, hearing your perspective on things. It’s quite different, but interesting! So you would recommend everyone to come and to study abroad in South Africa? – …to come to Stellenbosch? – Definetely! She is trying to make us a feminist theologian. Yes! I am trying to tell them they need to be Christians. So you want to recommend everyone to come to Stellenbosch, but why? What are reasons to come to Stellenbosch? I think you’ll be really enriched by the new environment. I think it will enrich us as well, to hear your perspective, to hear your take on things. And I think it’s important that everyone travels, so that you know you can just know what’s actually happening in your world, like that you don’t just have one view. Well, beloved people, it’s really cool what we are doing right now! Watch, this guy is working really hard! – It’s horrible. Hi! He is grating. We are preparing beetroot today. – You should show them ‘grandma’s meat balls’! This is Geert’s speciality! I don’t do anything with that. That guy is really good in preparing meat! OOOOH! This is looking good! And we also have potatoes. I will show them to you. Let me first show the sauce! These are our potatoes – whoo, much fogginess! But people, as you can see: we are really busy cooking. – We are making a huge mess of this. Yes, a complete mess. I have cleaned up a little bit already. It’s like blood everywhere. But it doesn’t matter. I think it will be really tasteful in the end! Oh, it looks a little bit sticky! Don’t grumble! I think it’s going really well… … but I am curious how the taste will be. *Geert eating cookies* This is the entrance of our rooms! – Your room! My room is 103, and Psalm 103 says: As far as the east is from the west, so far do you remove our sins from us. This is the Good News, the Gospel, in South Africa! We are entering my room now. This is lion’s den. Sorry, this was not on purpose! This is my bed: “Always look at the bright side of life”. I need these motivational quotes. These are my Bibles and books and I have a view! You don’t want to miss that. Everyone is jealous. The bars and wire make it look like a camp, but there are mountains. This view is really beautiful! So we want to invite you all! This sounds really stupid. – And it is stupid. But go and study abroad! – First I didn’t want to go either. I thought: I’m definitely not going to do that. But now I am here as you can see! So if you think: This is really something for me. Do it! If you think: This is really NOT something for me. Do it as well! – That’s how it is! Bye! Do you want to study abroad? Do it! See you!