I often say my students are some of the smartest
kids out there. Radiology is a math-based science. It involves using ionizing radiation to image
body parts so it has medical uses. It also has other uses in industry. There’s a wide range of careers. The most obvious is becoming a radiologic
technologist working in hospitals or a clinic. But then there are sub-careers that you can
go into and those are what we call radiographic modalities. Our program recently went to a Bachelor’s
Degree. But we are now a four-year degree program. We have a brand new ionizing X-Ray lab. This allows us to do a lot more. If a student in the middle of a lecture has
a question about how things look on an X-Ray table before they could only visualize it. Now, we can all come in here and actually
see what it looks like when they’re at the healthcare facility which is extremely helpful
to them in their understanding, especially with today’s kids because they are more visual
then they ever have been, and they like to look at things in order to make it real. And this helps them to make it real.