Train announcement** Welcome back to another video Now you might be thinking where I am I have came to rajnandgaon station by this train And in rajnandgaon it has 2 mins stop This is first number platform of rajnandgaon Now I will try to show you each and every station (I can**) Next halt is at dongargarh There we have only 1min.halt so i can get out next is gondia there we have 2 min halt in afternoon at 12 ,12;15 is the time at 12;15pm we will reach nagpur i will definitely show you nagpur station like the last time if you havent seen that video. its in i button go and watch and this video is gonna be very interesting finally we are at gondia time is 10:30 late ,its not late that much this station is in Maharashtra first we were in Chattisgarh now we are in Maharashtra we have only 2 min halt the weather outside is like the last year when i was travelling by rajdhani express going by rajdhani express it was drizzling and cloudy like this mean i am getting that memory now lets go inside and wait for next station next big halt is in nagpur finally we are at nagpur here we have 20 mins halt so we can talk comfortably and can roam also i tell you one thing whatever trips***(trip) i have done generally i have started from here only either its south india trip or some other this all trips is before i have started this vlog channel thats the reason this train journey is so interesting i am telling indian train journey are most interesting one WHY ?? because one thing that makes it interesting and memorable , that is it is food from home wait a minute homemade food my mom has made it lets go and eat that ,After that rightnow i updated my insta story that i am leaving the keep updated with me to know all this when my next video is gonna come for all this stuff you have to follow me on insta ___ankushap___ so go and follow me After Chattisgarh, Maharashtra MP welcomes you we are at Itarsi station after nagpur , i ate food what a food it was after eating i slept just now i got up 1 hour back right now its 6 pm after a station next halt will be at bhopal we will order food at bhopal here we have 5 mins stop let me go inside one movie i have put on download hope it gets downloaded fast a very big cut in the video we reached delhi in morning and what happened Train was right time all the way , and i slept early also wait i wached a film then i slept around 12:30 we reached early only i ma telling you at 7 am we reached Faridabad BUT after that the train got late like it was taking halts at every half hours at last our train reached Nizamuddin station at 9:30am and after that this 30 kgs bag ,its quite heavy and lifting and carrying that was the most difficult task and i am alone even though my father is also there but i am the one na this bag and another small bag i will tell you afterwards it was in my thoughts to make vlogs in india but in holiday we would do that and other things but ultimately what happened what we think doesnt really happen now lets end this video here we can say this is my last vlog of my channel in India next years we would make more videos tomorrow video ,8th september 2019 tommorrow at 10 am i have my flight from there we will be beginning our new video we have 401 subs. for that thankyou but as said we have to cross 1k subscribers before 31st of this year those who are new please go and subscribe fast