[MUSIC]>>There is a lot of information out there
for people applying to business school. I know I went through a lot of it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Some of it helpful, some of it not.>>[LAUGH] Yeah.>>What are the best resources for
applying to Stanford?>>And I think you make a good point, there’s a lot of misinformation
out there as well. We really believe the best information, start with what we put
out there on the website. What’s nice about it now is there’s lots
of conversations with students out there, so you can learn about what it’s
actually like from the students. I think that’s more interesting
than hearing it from admissions. [LAUGH]
>>As well as there’s profile information, tips about the application, start there. But one of the most important
things you can do is also go to an information session. And we do about 100 of
them around the globe. And the reason for
that is you’ll get a panel of four, usually three to five recent graduates. And they can tell you, we believe that
Stanford can be transformational for you both in what you learn,
but also how you develop. So you can actually listen
to how this experience has impacted people in their own lives,
both from how they went through, as well as what they’re doing
now when they graduate. So I think that’s one of the best
ways you can truly be inspired, but also get your questions answered. And if we’re not coming to your hometown,
then go to the Web. We have a virtual one too, where you can hear students talking and
recent alumni, about their experiences.