What we’re looking for are the future leaders of the field. Why did I apply for the URF? Because it gives me an opportunity to become an independent researcher my field of research spans both computer science, genetics and biology and there aren’t that many schemes that can really support that type of interdisciplinary work. The application process was actually really simple because the proposal was only three pages long. Start off with a brilliant exciting idea be creative make your science more accessible be passionate about it but also be realistic be prepared to tell us where things might not work. My interview experience was science science and science [Laughing] I was pretty nervous you entered the room and you had a panel of about twelve people all looking at you you will have three minutes to present your project It was not an interrogation thinking back it was a very good and robust chat about the science that I deeply care about. It was a refreshing experience to actually have the science of the proposal itself really carefully looked at and critiqued. If I can give you some advice prepare very well practice before be confident you’re good you wouldn’t have got to this stage if you weren’t good. Really think carefully about making your science as accessible as possible ask your friends and colleagues for advice. Go for it you have the opportunity to be creative and innovative and come up with an really excitng idea that’s gonna define your research career for five years that’s a great opportunity.