Hi everyone! My name is Anastasia Semina.
Welcome to my channel! – Hello from Istanbul! Today my guest is Ege. Hi Ege!
– Hi, Nastya. – Ege and I met today on the street of Istanbul quite by accident. He heard us speak in Russian and said: “Oh! are you Russian?”
and went for a walk with us. Ege, please tell us a little about yourself.
Where are you from and what are you doing here in Istanbul? – So, I am a citizen of Turkey in general.
But I have been living in Minsk for about seven years (7). Yes. – Were you born in Turkey?
– Yes, I was born in Turkey – in Izmir, but I never lived here in Turkey at all. I was just born here, then with my family we moved to Cyprus, from Cyprus to Romania, from Romania again to Cyprus, and then to
Central America – to Latin America. We spent some time there… well, a few years. And then moved to Belarus. – Have you traveled so much because it is related to the work of your parents?
– Yes, this… My parents worked in a casino.
Well, in principle, they are working now. And thanks to their work, we were constantly moving like this.
– I see. – And how often do you visit Istanbul and Turkey?
– Well, the last time I was in Istanbul was seven (7) years ago. Well, I come to Turkey from time to time. Every summer I try to fly here, but to Izmir, to other cities. – And here you have a grandmother, I know. Correct?
– Yes, my grandmother lives here. I haven’t seen her for a long time either. – I think she wants you to come here more often.
– Uh, unlikely. – Does she have many grandchildren?
– Not. Me and my sister. – Tell me, how long have you been studying Russian?
– Well, as soon as we moved to Minsk – to Belarus. Prior to this, I did not know a single word in Russian.
– When was it?
– Seven (7) years ago. – And you started to learn Russian with some courses, with a teacher or what?
– Actually, well… When I flew to Belarus, I knew only English – I knew it ideally. Well, I understood Turkish, but could not speak. And… I went to some school – my parents sent me. And an English teacher – she originally… well, helped me using English. Explained the meaning of words explained the alphabet, explained the pronunciation of all kinds of letters. I’ve been studying with her for about a year. And then I could talk …
Well, I could talk, but with difficulty. That is, with a heavy accent.
I confused all these declensions, genders. But then I made some friends. A lot of friends, and things went much faster. – But when you were born, did you speak Turkish with your parents when you were growing up? What language did you speak with your parents?
– My parents spoke Turkish to me, I understood them. But I answered them in English, and they
understood me too. – But your first language was English, because you went to an English kindergarten, right?
– Yes, to the kindergarten, to the first grades … It was in Latin America. I was going there. – And now what is your first language?
– Actually, Russian. Well, since I live in Belarus, I use it. – My channel is watched by foreigners who study Russian – they study it in Russia or abroad. And some of them, for example, have never been to a Russian-speaking country: neither in Russia, nor in Belarus, nor in Ukraine. What advice would you give them about learning the Russian language? – Come to a Russian-speaking country.
Make more friends and constantly try to talk. This is the best way to learn Russian. – And if there is no opportunity to come
to a Russian-speaking country? – Well then … then most likely the movies,
TV shows in Russian will help. Honestly… – Well, you can also make friends on the Internet, of course.
– Yes, it is possible, but I don’t know if that will make any difference. – Well, for example, my students – ninety (90) percent now – are students on Skype. Therefore, with friends, I also think you can communicate… Well, make friends specifically… for learning a language. What is it called…? Language exchange! I think this is an option.
– It may well be. I just never saw it and did not encounter training via Skype. – Ahh, well, ok. Thanks a lot, Ege! Do you have any other advice for my audience studying Russian? – Read Russian books.
– What is your favorite book in Russian? – “Brilliance.” In general, this writer is not Russian, yes. But there is a translation – in Russian.
{the write is Marcus Sakey} – You read it in Russian, right?
– Yes. Very interesting book. – OK. Thanks a lot, Ege. Thanks for the interview.
All the best. Bye, bye! – How is my second chin? – How do you notice all this?
– When you will be thirty years old …