I received my Master of Archives and
Records Administration from San Jose State University. I chose the Mara
program at SJSU because it really specialized in records management. I was
also interested in the archives aspect. I chose San Jose State because it’s a
distance learning program and I don’t have a lot of time to go to class every
day, I have two kids and I want to be able to spend more time with them,
but have that flexibility to work and study during the times that their asleep.
Mara is a unique program within the iSchool at San Jose State it’s a
combination of both a master’s degree in archives, archives management, archives
administration and records, records and information management. And that
combination is a great benefit to our students who are able to apply for
positions across a broad spectrum of fields, so they may get positions in
archives but it may be records management, it may be information
security, information governance, digital curation, there are just so many
opportunities for the students once they graduate with this degree. It’s been a
really great experience there are aspects of Information and Archives and
Records Administration I have never thought of before, and having the skill
sets that I am learning today are going to be very applicable to what I’m going
to be doing in the future. What I like about the MARA program is that all my
professors have experience in the field, whether it’s records administration or
the archival field. Another reason why I chose San Jose State is because it’s in
the heart of Silicon Valley, having that proximity to technology I
thought it was consistent with some of the different ideas that I’d like to
bring to the county. Upon graduation our students are very capable of passing an
examination to be either a certified archivists, certified Records Manager or
both. Many of our students will also have the background to be able to sit for an
information governance professional examination as well.
I liked how the program provided us with a chance to learn about technologies
that they use through a workshop class before you even start the program. That
way the student actually becomes familiarized with what’s expected. All our
organization’s need the expertise of information management professionals, but
where I do see the most job opportunities is in those highly
regulated organizations, such as finance, pharmaceuticals and oil and gas and
government. I would recommend the MARA program, it was an extremely flexible
program that allowed me to complete a degree while I was working. You can do it
whether you’re in Washington, or in Florida, or here in California, and you
have the support to actually get you through the program. Being part of the
San Jose State University program has helped me achieve my career goals by
giving me the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver on what I’ve been
tasked to do. you