If your school has
students who can’t attend or your school is
actually considering shutting down, keeping students out, we’d like to be your ally. Ivy Bound has been doing
online test prep and academic health for a dozen years. Our tutors are able to work in
almost any subject that you offer. Okay, lab sciences are
the only difficult ones. The rest go really smoothly. Your own teachers might be able
to use our platform. We’re happy to work with that. But, in case
regulations require an outsider, we do it economically. We do it to your standards
to actually teach the rest of the curriculum the kids might not be able to get
if they’re staying away from school. Please consider us. ivybound.net is our test prep end. And teachers who need to
do the academic prep should simply call us directly. Ivybound.net is the test prep arm and tutors bring success is how we call our
academic help arm. That can be short or long we hope it’ll be short. Let us know your needs. 877-IVY-BOUN or ivybound.net