My name is Beau Blase, I’m a political
science major at SDSU and we’ve been spending the last couple weeks enjoying
majestic Ireland. Day of Giving is your opportunity to show the world you care about student success You can make a difference in the lives of CAL students Students rely on scholarships to help fund their study abroad experience Fifteen majors across CAL require students incorporate a study abroad experience into their degree plan. Last year, 472 students studied abroad They studied in 48 different countries (across every continent except Antarctica) Help students become independent-minded, socially responsible, and globally aware citizens Your donations to CAL ensures that students have access to study abroad funding Day of Giving, Wednesday, Sept. 25, Thank you so much for supporting our
study abroad experience here and keep doing so, so that more students can come and have life-changing experiences like this one. SDSU College of Arts & Letters (logo) Day of Giving and Postal Annex (logo)