I promise this won’t take long so bear with me To be able to truly enjoy this experience I want you to watch this video with a friend If that’s not the case then stop the video and bring a friend And if that’s the case, then let me begin Now to audience number one All your life, you have been good at something You have given orders, you have followed orders And you have persevered in whatever you have passionately put your mind to So, in the next minute, I will give you one task and you must succeed And the task is Regardless of what your partner does to you, you give him or her No reaction at all, nothing. Not a smile, not a nod. Nothing Now moving to audience number two Look at your partner in the eyes And now, give him or her your most genuine smile What was the result? Did you fail? If you did, then you are not alone This experiment has been done hundreds of times on over thousands of subjects And they all failed Do you know why? Because we are humans And human emotions are contagious Positivity, happiness, hope, they’re all contagious And that’s why You couldn’t help that smile from spreading You couldn’t help but smile back I hope you enjoyed this experiment. I am Seeam Shahid Noor a freshman at Harvard college And just another believer in the infectious nature of positivity and in the power of sharing resources And with my words, deeds and the knowledge that I dream of earning I hope to do just that Thank you for watching this