Welcome! Today we’ll show you how to set
up Active Time Alerts with Ignite WiFi Hub from Rogers. Let’s go! Ignite WiFi
Hub is a whole new way to WiFi, giving you incredible access and controls to
manage your home network. Setting up Active Time Alerts is easy and can help
you know how much time everyone is spending online. Just open the Ignite
WiFi app, or from the web, go to ignitewifi.rogers.com and sign in with
your MyRogers username and password. Now select “People.” Select the user you would
like to apply Active Time Alerts for. Scroll to the Profile Settings section.
Next to Active Time Alerts, select “Edit.” You can set alerts for weekdays or
weekends and choose the amount of active time to trigger an alert – say after 2
hours of active time each day. You can also use Ignite WiFi Hub to pause
devices whenever you choose. That’s it! Now you can stay in the know and in
control of screen time in your household. Download Ignite WiFi Hub from Rogers
from your app store today!