“He’s a lion cub from Silukkuvaarpatti” ‘Lion from Silukkuvaarpatti’ “Bold, brave and daring supposedly” “Look who is here!” “Our very own police-hero dear” “Look who steals the show” “The cop who knows
all the know-how” Hello, sub inspector Mutthaiya
from Silukkuvaarpatti police station Superintendent of Police here Sir…sir It seems Kanaka is dancing
in the temple festival in Nilakkottai Sir, I’m planning to go too Yov! Wherever Kanaka dances
you’ll go and drool over her – No, sir
– Don’t go anywhere Just send 2 constables to the spot – Definitely sir
– Understood? – Okay, sir
– Hang up now Baskar, come fast ‘Taking his own sweet time to come!’ – Sir
– Leave for Nilakkottai at once Sathiyamoorthy is there Tell him our boss called
and ask him to be alert It’s your duty to ensure nothing
untoward happens in the festival, okay? What’s bothering you? Just 4 days since I joined duty
and you’re entrusting me with this I won’t let you down, sir You don’t have to do
some Herculean task Just follow Sathiyamoorthy’s instructions Got it? Go…impudent fellow! ‘Hey! Baskar…!’ Hi, Baskar Come down Please wait
Let me pick her anklet – Sathi…?
– Don’t yell, Baskar I can’t concentrate ‘Success, Baskar’ – Come down
– ‘That’s what I’m doing’ – What, Baskar?
– Boss called our police station Hey, Malar Hello police!
Long time no see? You look as beautiful as ever Don’t pay lip service
You don’t even notice me! Who…me? I opted for this duty
just to watch you dance You would have come
to watch Kanaka dance What a glib liar you are Wow! What a walk! – Our boss called
– Forget him I’m talking to you and
you’re ignoring me Double your money in 1 shot You have to bid
Don’t leave the space empty If you keep 20 for King
you’ll get 40 – 10 diamond
– Even the cop is betting! ‘Go ahead and bet’ ‘Don’t even think
Money doubles double quick’ ‘He got the king
He’s winning’ Police bro, are you here? The card players over there
split into 2 and started to fight They are cracking all the skulls
Look at mine, bro I told you our boss called Let’s go and check Don’t be flustered, Baskar If there’s a festival, there’s bound
to be fights, skulls will crack! – Spade 20
– Is this why we are here? If cops are around
problems won’t arise But if they see us and
still create problems …doesn’t it mean they don’t respect us? ‘Sir gets a double’ – Super!
– Listen to me How stupid of me
to come to you for help I should hit myself
with my slippers! Please be my guest! What happened? Is it doubles? How will you face our boss tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day! Tonight let’s enjoy
Kanaka’s dance That’s priority
Follow me Kanaka, huh? “The wind was naughty yesterday
It playfully carried my sari away” “I stood by the lake so breezy
The cottony cloud became my sari flimsy” “The wind was naughty yesterday
It wickedly carried my sari away” “I stood by the lake so breezy
The wispy cloud became my sari flimsy” “I came here as a proper pro
See me dance with eyes aglow” “To perspire with pleasure at night
I offered myself; a hot and fiery delight” “Usain Bolt is hero of every sprinter
Kanaka is folk dance’s splendor” “A rose is a garden’s work of art
Only Kanaka can break many a heart” “Are you ready to dance with me?” “Otherwise whistle wistfully” “Are you ready to dance with me?” “Otherwise whistle loudly” “On an unruled blank sheet
I’m a song written in white ink neat” “Without moving your lips, buddy
breathe my name in rhapsody” “Spicy chilly yet so sweet and ripe
Damp log of wood that will ignite” “A boat with wings on either side
Kanaka will give you a joy ride” “A party ropes in a crowd speedy
with ‘biriyani’ and booze as freebie” “But to watch this glam-doll chick
men will flock double quick” “Are you ready to dance with me?” “Otherwise whistle heartily” “Are you ready to play with me?” “Otherwise whistle wishfully” 7 admitted in hospital
2 with broken skulls What were you doing? Sir, we tried our best to stop them
They told us not to step into their space What can we do, sir? Baskar, you were with me Standing like a nitwit
Go on, explain your bit He’s right, sir They can be dumb
Cat got your tongue, huh? You told me you’ll live up
to my expectations Where did all that vanish?
Stupid fellow! People of Nilakkottai
always create problems Forget it, I’ll make
some excuse to our boss – Thank you, sir
– What’s that bandage on your finger? ‘Serves him right’ When I tried to pick up
the anklet, I grazed my fing- Don’t explain, I know You got hurt stopping some miscreants
pelting stones at the festival, right? ‘He stuffs words into his mouth!’ – Correct, sir
– Shouldn’t you be safe? Listen, you are bold
But your brain is weak! ‘He forgot Vivekananda!’ Take tetanus shots at once Take a day off and rest up – Thank you, sir
– Leave now No formalities You are always over sincere Use this for first aid – No need, sir
– Don’t make a fuss Don’t go by yourself
Baski, drop Sathi at home Thank you, sir ‘With you as boss
no wonder he’s like this!’ When do you intend
arresting Cycle Shankar? I’m gathering all the details I’m unable to pin the right witness Think you can file a case, remand him
and ensure he doesn’t see the light of day? By then we will retire, sir The only solution is… …to finish him off in our style
without anyone’s knowledge Be under the impression
his chapter is closed Sir? ‘Not only you’ But how many ever cops hound me …you can’t touch
even a strand of my hair! Deputy Police Commissioner
of Chennai, Mr Saravana Kumar… …was shot dead by notorious rowdy
Cycle Shankar in Tambaram ‘This murder in broad daylight
has been recorded’ ‘…in the CCTV camera
fixed at the signal’ ‘It has created a stir
amongst the public’ ‘Commissioner Paneer Selvam has assigned
a special task force to nab Cycle Shankar’ It’s a shame to our department He was fixing punctures
in a cycle shop at the age of 10 Today he’s Cycle Shankar! Dodging Chennai police like a pro 44 cases against him With his political clout
he wriggled out scot-free We must finish him off in an Encounter It isn’t easy to nab him But still we shouldn’t give up We should kill him And show the world
how efficient we are ‘Started, huh?’ Why are you struggling? Just throw it down It will break of its own accord Is this how you iron?
Creases all over Are you catching a culprit
wearing an ironed shirt? All you do is a peon’s job
in that police station Grandma, you seem to be
going overboard from the morning? Hey, Sathi Your grandfather wished to
make you a good police officer But he didn’t live to
see his dream come true He made me promise I’ll make
his dream come true and only then die I’m losing hope that day will ever dawn You keep saying this
like a broken record! What do you want me to do? What else will I ask you, dear? You are a constable now Get promoted as a sub inspector
before I die, that’s all Does it mean you’ll never die?! Arrogance pours out of every pore! Good morning, Baskar Stuffing yourself
early in the morning Make 2 half boiled eggs
with extra pepper Pack 20 idlis, 10 ‘poori’ sets And 12 ‘dosas’ Won’t they buy?
Why should we buy daily? Baskar, will we run errands
throughout our life? In another 10 or 15 years,
we’ll be head constables Whoever is the constable
will buy for us That’s life, Baskar – Sir, half boiled egg
– Thank you Why do you eat it piping hot? Half boiled egg has to be eaten like this Without spilling, in this temperature
it will slip and slide down the throat It’s divine! Shall I order for you? – No need
– Is it a divine month? Give, bro – Hello…?
– Tell me You got eyes
at the back of your head? Let go of him, Sathi
It was a mistake How does it matter
if he knew or not? Waste of an egg! That’s all, right? Anyway we needn’t pay Get lost! No, Baskar I’m angry because
an egg went waste ‘Is he mad?’ Sir, parcel ‘He messed up my mood
early in the morning’ Hey! Move out of the way Hey…! Collection should be excellent – On the job
– Okay, master Hey, give me Get the cash out Cash…quick The cops are useless
All they do is gawk! ‘He keeps staring at me’ ‘He pre-empted us
in collecting cash’ ‘Getting delayed
and he isn’t moving’ Just Rs 10?
Are you giving alms? Don’t interfere You won’t have a shop
in this market You got tense for a silly egg They are so bold and brutal You’re standing like a boulder I’ll tell you later Hurry up, let’s go – Why such poor collection today?
– Put these cards – Get in
– Let’s go Move…move aside So wrong and ruthless!
Who is this chap? Chandran, his nickname
is Share auto Chandran Notorious rowdy What he says is law
for the past 20 years Our department didn’t take
any action for 20 years? Should finish him off in an Encounter Encounter…? That’s a mistake
we should never do, Baskar If we touch a rowdy
their sons will grow up as goons …take a vow and
take revenge on our children How can you be so scared? Don’t you know karate? Who told you?
All half baked Learning karate is not for bashing up thugs But not to be bashed up by them You won’t understand
Let’s start our duty ‘Weaves a story so well’ Did you invite everyone? Take good care
of all the bigwigs Uncle, visiting our station
so early in the morning? ‘Wearing his uniform
and acting as errand boy’ ‘Calling me ‘uncle’
and humiliating me’ Is he your uncle?
Glaring daggers at you? My mother’s brother
So he takes that liberty It’s hot, sir
Enjoy your meal Sathi, I heard Auto Chandran
came to the market? Share auto Chandran, right? Did I ask you? Go, don’t stare like an owl
Get me water to drink – You tell me, Sathi
– I didn’t see him, who told you? Someone called and told me just now He isn’t giving us our share Forget him
Why did the councillor come? His son is getting married
in Kandha Mahal So…? Wants security
Minister will be attending You and Baskar go tomorrow Sure, sir – Sathi
– Hello, aunt How are you, my son-in-law? How can you attend our wedding
in uniform like this? What to do? Duty comes first for me You keep obsessing about duty I’ve bought silk ‘dhoti’
and silk shirt for you – Come and change
– I’m coming – Come fast
– Okay, aunt ‘Come, akka’ – What’s your name?
– Sneha Nice name Phone number? I’ve never seen you before I live nearby in Pallapatti Are you Neelaveni’s sister? I have 4 brothers
No sisters at all ‘4 brothers?!’ Sathi, you seem to have
made your 1st move Yes, but this won’t work for me You want to try? Are you serious?
Thanks, Sathi Note down this # She looks good, right? She has 4 sisters too You mean 4 sisters-in-law? Hey partner, how are you? – I’ve messaged you
– Won’t you salute me? Are you a minister? Oh! You salute only ministers? One day I’ll become a minister too World will be destroyed
by then, get going Bless you Greetings Attend a wedding a day
Utterly jobless! Sathi, how is work? You know when it comes to work,
I’m like a white man Your sense of humor! Has Arumugam come? – Whom do you mean?
– Arumuga Perumal Oh! That minister – Not yet
– Minister or trickster! Let’s see how long he lasts Please come, welcome I’m already here Who is it, Sathi?
Laughing at his own jokes! He’s ex minister Nilakkottai Narayanan
Has a lot of clout in this area He got me this police job ‘As if you can get in with merit’ Shall we eat? ‘Minister Arumuga Perumal
Long live!’ ‘Minister Arumuga Perumal’ ‘Minister Arumuga Perumal
Long live!’ ‘Long live’ ‘Future chief minister of Tamil Nadu’ ‘- Minister Arumuga Perumal
– Long live!’ ‘Future Chief Minister of
Tamil Nadu Arumuga Perumal’ Baskar, that girl smiled at me You say that of every girl! 1st lower your hand You’re right, Sathi
She’s smiling at you “I walk with my senses reeling
It’s such a head-spinning feeling” “You kindled a fever within me, darling” “I glare or stare at everything
I smile just once a day or something” “You made my face a-smiling
as if it’s the done thing” “I don’t know how I can cope
Your glance swirls me like a silicone rope” “Like a lamb I follow you
Faithfully wherever you go” “Like a ‘kulfi’ cart ringing its bell
your tinkling laughter sweet as hell” “I run behind you eagerly
like a shorts-clad boy in glee” “Don’t hypnotize me, my belle
Don’t pull me into your whirlpool spell” “Don’t mesmerize me
I’m besotted with you totally” “Don’t sweep me off my feet
I’m bowled over complete” “Just tell me your name, dear
Then pierce me with your love-spear” “Standing behind the pillar secretly
your eyes look only at me” “What did you whisper, dear
into your friend’s ear?” “I haven’t set eyes on you earlier
Nor heard about you, my dear” “Not even a single heroine here
can hold a candle to your beauty, dear” “I don’t need to know your past, dear
You are my future, that’s crystal clear” “It will take 7 births to caress
your forehead to your nose” “My heart has fallen like a flower
at your dainty feet in total surrender” “I’ll run a lifetime with you hereafter” “Don’t you go into raptures of laughter” “Don’t hypnotize me, my belle
Don’t pull me into your whirlpool spell” “Don’t bewitch me, baby
I am smitten by you totally” “Don’t enrapture me, lassie
Don’t cast your magic spell on me” “Just tell me your name, dear
Then kill me with your glamor” “I walk with my senses reeling
It’s such a head-spinning feeling” “You ignited a fever within me, darling” “I glare or stare at everything
I smile just once a day or something” “You made my face a-smiling
as if it’s the done thing” “Don’t hypnotize me, my belle
Don’t pull me into your whirlpool spell” “Don’t mesmerize me
I’m besotted with you totally” “Don’t sweep me off my feet
I’m bowled over complete” “Just tell me your name, dear
Then pierce me with your love-spear” What is your name? Name…? Jessie…! Jessie…? – Oh! Christian, huh?
– Why…? Is that a problem? Nothing like that Can convert my religion
Forget that Give me your number Why do you need my phone #? What a silly question? I liked a girl
the moment I set eyes on her Love at first sight too Then how can I not ask for your #?
Give me your # I heard you’re in love
with your uncle’s daughter Uncle’s daughter? Me…? You mean Raji, daughter of
that useless councillor Ramalingam? – Yes
– Good lord! That’s school love
7 years ago! In fact, you can’t even call it love As a school kid, she used to follow me
with a runny nose, calling me ‘uncle’ Stuck to me like glue
Real pain in the wrong place! But tell me, who told you about her? I heard someone talking here People love to gossip Turn a deaf ear
Your # please – I’ll call you tonight
– Hey Raji, are you here? I was looking for you Come to the stage for a snap You go, ma
I’ll come Sathi, you must stay
for the wedding feast Are you Raji? 7 years ago
only because of you …my father sent me
to a school in Salem In those 7 years, I didn’t
forget you even a single day But you… …forgot me completely You want to know my name! Let me explain, Raj- After so many years… …I was so excited to meet you But- Raji, I recognised you when you were
circulating that ‘arati’ plate Can’t I recognize
this parrot nose? I was just pulling your leg Fraud! It’s fine even if you didn’t recognise me But you’re an incorrigible flirt
insisting on getting a girl’s phone # I don’t want to see you ever again Raji…listen to me, Raji Raji, I love you! They easily gobble up
2 packets each How many times
will I go to the shop? I’ve lost weight just walking to and fro
to get food for these buffaloes! Why did you take this long? There were cops on the way
Don’t I have to be careful? Bro, eat ‘Kada’ Kumar, you could’ve got 300 bucks
if you had gone for your coolie job You think this man is torturing you I have to pay my child’s fees
He isn’t paying us He’s a sleepy joe
Take from his pocket What are you sketching? – Where is the piece?
– What ‘piece’? Are you deaf? If you’re drunk don’t you know
tomato rice from ‘biriyani’? Who lit a cracker
and tossed it inside? – Someone is shooting at us
– Police…police Cops have surrounded us Run…run Cops have targeted us
Escape from here They’re targeting us
because of you You run 1st…run Manohar, be alert, he’s trying
to escape through the rear ‘In the planned gun firing in Nochikuppam
targeting cycle Shankar who was hiding’ ‘…it’s alleged he escaped
being caught by the cops’ ‘To make sure Cycle Shankar
doesn’t escape to other States…’ ‘…intensive surveillance has
been boosted in the city’ Baskar, the story goes like this When I was in 10th grade… …she was in 6th grade! When I was in 12th grade… …she must’ve been in 8th grade You’re wrong
9th grade – How come?
– I flunked a year in between You’re boasting as if
you stood 1st in class I’ll go and sit in her class Teacher will ask me
to get out but I won’t One day the hyper-teacher
snitched to her father He got even more tense than the teacher He took Raji out of the school And sent her to study in Salem
She stayed with her uncle there That was a bad time I also forgot her
in a couple of days Forgot her? Why…? That’s when Hema, a North Indian girl
joined our school in 11th grade Do you know how she looked? Oh my God!
Totally different level I heard Raji finished her 12th grade
and took up a teacher’s training course Poor thing! She has been obsessing about me But I thought
she was some stranger Drooled over her
and made a mess If you don’t get this girl
then some other chick As if you can’t find one Not easy, Baskar I swear I won’t find a girl Look here She’s so drop dead gorgeous Not just because she’s beautiful First love! First love… …is the best love! Should never miss that Raji…I love you! ‘Govt Middle School
Silukkuvaarpatti’ Good morning Good morning, miss I’m your new class teacher My name is Rajeswari Can I get to know you? – This is for you, miss
– Thank you Why is it blank? You must ask only that police uncle He asked me to give
this bouquet to you – Go and sit in your place
– Okay, miss Why did you send that blank paper? Blank paper?
Who said so? Dip that paper in water and read
You’ll see the letters very clearly – What…?
– In case students read it? – Secret letter
– We share no secrets I’ve erased everything from my heart Stop torturing me I get irritated- I agree
Mistake is mine I’ve explained it clearly
Read and reply Then I won’t cross your path! Let me see what he has written I can’t see any letters! ‘Did you dip the letter
in water and read, Raji?’ Don’t make me curse you – Hello?
– Gawd! Uncle Hello? Hello, isn’t Raji there, uncle? She just got back from school
Who are you? – Where are you calling from?
– I’m Thenmozhi, uncle – Raji’s colleague
– Is that so? Raji…Raji dear – What, pa?
– Someone called Thenmozhi – Hello…?
– Hello, Raji? This is Thenmozhi
Did you dip my letter in water? It just came apart That means you dipped it
in water too many times! ‘You love me so much, huh?!’ I have some work to do
Can we talk tomorrow? – Hey Raji
– Bye Raji, don’t hang up on me Miss…? Miss…! What…? Don’t get tense
Only a small inquiry – Inquiry…?
– Sir’s name is Ramesh He’s studying in 3rd grade
in your school Pencil and eraser are missing
from his geometry box of late Especially this has started
only after you joined the school! Why shouldn’t we suspect you? What nonsense! Are you saying I’m taking
his pencil and eraser home? – When did I come to your class?
– You came as a substitute Does it mean I stole them? I’ll kill you Rajeswari miss! Sir…! Yes, sir Why are you threatening the victim? As per IPC section it is our duty
to enquire from all angles Look at that! What soap? Is it Lux? – Washing soap Rin!
– No wonder Super shiny! Beautiful…! – Hey, is this yours?
– No Look properly Mine is Apsara pencil
It is black and blue Oh! Narrow escape I’ll go, sir
It’s getting late for me – I’ll go, sir
– Wait till inquiry gets over Stay calm You call this an inquiry? I can’t watch all this, sir – Disturbing my mood
– Think of my plight then ‘Wow! My photo!’ Who is this?
Your brother? Grandfather! Investigation over Miss, reciprocate his love soon Otherwise… …they will cook up a complaint daily
about a missing compass and eraser! He won’t let me go home early! – Kept those papers in?
– Yes Must submit in court – School got over, dear?
– Yes, pa Is it true he waits
outside your school often? – Who, pa?
– That useless Sathi Sathi…? You mean amma’s brother’s son? Same fellow I haven’t seen him He will come only to meet you Shall I call and warn him? I’ll take care Don’t get tense for no reason Okay, go Heard what she said? She has erased Sathi
from her mind! As if he doesn’t have the right That’s why he would’ve gone I’ll slap you till your cheek swells She was with my brother for 7 years
to avoid your family He is reformed now
He’s a policeman Why rub salt on my wound? I don’t mind if he’s a sub inspector He’s an errand boy
in the police station Gloating over nothing!
Give it to me Think you’re British family As if he’s from Ambani family! ‘Hmmm…tell me’ Shankar, where are you?
What are you up to? Shaving Shaving my beard and moustache
which I didn’t for the past 15 years ‘And living incognito’ I’m unable to come to Chennai The entire police force
is looking for me Are you happy now? Don’t worry, Shankar Only 1 more month I’ll create a problem and
change that commissioner Show it in action, not words! Before that you must do me a favor Isn’t it enough
what I did all along? Listen to me patiently You know ex-minister
Nilakkottai Narayanan? Namaste! He is poking into all the properties
I have bought for the past 5 years He intends collecting all the details
and giving it as evidence to the CM If he does, not only
will I lose my office… …I’ll never be able to run
for election in this birth You must finish him off somehow How can I do it now? You can do it
Where are you now? In Pondicherry Leave for Nilakkottai right away ‘Do this all by yourself’ Shouldn’t be even an iota
of suspicion about the killer You finish him off
I’ll handle the commissioner They used to make egg ‘bonda’
in the morning It was out of the world
Now they have stopped I always liked to eat only
half boiled eggs, Baskar – Why…?
– You can just swallow it, very easy ‘What’s with this rash driving?’ Who are you? Killed someone
Want to surrender? Ask constable Baskar to come out ‘He wants to meet you’ Why do you want to meet him? He has proposed to my sister Sneha
in WhatsApp bombarding her with messages He has sent Friend request on Facebook Invited her to play Candy crush That moron didn’t even know
the game is outdated Like Khushboo in ‘Chinna Thambi’
we were protective about our sister ‘Have you seen Khushboo, you dumbo?’ How dare he change her heart! Ask him to come out We’ll chop him right here
and all 4 of us will go to jail Let me tell them He is on medical leave
Back after 2 months Why medical leave all of a sudden? His mother-in-law is not well Mother-in-law? A married man has proposed to our sister We must pickle him to pieces Why do you behave like barbarians? Yes, we are savages The four of us can’t even read or write But we educated our sister
right up to undergrad ‘Illiterates, huh?’ He has escaped now
But warn him One day or the other
he’ll die in our hands Let’s go I was thrilled my girlfriend has 4 sisters
but they are worse than rhinos! What happened, sir? – Hey, come with me
– Why, sir? Must nab Share auto Chandran
He’s collecting dues in the market – Let’s get energised with tea
– Tea can wait, come with me – Sir, it will get cold
– Don’t make me curse you Special ginger tea for you – You kill me with your love
– Garnished with cardamom – No
– Let’s go – Where is the driver?
– You sent him on some errand Oh! I forgot
Let me drive then Sir, he is dangerous
We must plan- Why trouble yourself?
Let’s wait for the driver Is that what you wanted to say? Chandran will leave by then
We must catch him today You’re so insistent
Let me drive, sir – Get in, sir
– Quick…quick We are ready, sir ‘If I drive slowly, I won’t be
pounded by Chandran’ ‘What is his hidden agenda?’ Why are you driving
at a bullock cart’s pace? – Speed up
– Maximum speed is 40 km, sir At this speed, they will
go home and sleep But we should not
break the rules, sir This won’t work
Hold the steering wheel I’ll press the accelerator Sir…sir About turn! Move aside – Police, master!
– Press the brake now Aiyaiyo! Make mincemeat out of them now! Kill him Hey, why did you come in between? You deserve to be- Bingo! ‘Finish it fast’ You dare hit us
knowing we are Chandran’s men? Get into the auto Hey! Who will pay for the broken glass? He sailed mid-air and broke it
Let me check his pocket Looks like he’s asking me
to flick his wallet! Before he gets up
start the auto – Let’s go
– Lift…higher Where are they? Shucks! Just escaped Hey Baskar
What happened to Sathi? Lift him Coast is clear now
You can get up Where are they?
I won’t spare them Don’t yell, Sathi Don’t worry, one day or the other
I’ll slice him into two right here Sathi, why did you have to fly
in mid-air and break their glass? Sorry, sir I don’t know what I do
when I’m really angry – Aiyaiyo! You’re bleeding
– It’s alright, sir – Baskar
– I know He needs a Tetanus Toxoid injection Good, you are sharp – ‘For no reason you harp’
– Go right now You’ll be caught whether
Chandran gets caught or not Me…? What happened? ‘Why is he running?’ Raji should be clean bowled
by my performance today Hold this – Why didn’t you fix the IV?
– You don’t need all this, sir What happened? A riot in the market it seems Tell me, what happened? Share auto Chandran’s gang accosted us – With Chandran?
– Raji Are you here? Couldn’t you have been careful
while fighting those thugs? All this is routine in a cop’s life, dear When I jumped from the jeep,
to catch the auto… I didn’t notice the windshield
right in front of me Shards of glass pierced my hand You are always like this Is it a deep wound, sister? Why did she walk out without replying? She is silent because he has to be
under observation for 48 hours You are working so hard But do you know
my dad derides you? What does he say? Does he say I just pretend
to fight and I’m a scaredy-cat? Ask him to prove it Why do you get flustered
for no reason? – He didn’t say that at all
– He didn’t, huh? What else did he say, dear? You are more of an errand boy
instead of a proper policeman From now on, I won’t run errands
for anyone in the station, okay? ‘He’s giving up on the only job
he did properly!’ You don’t worry, Sathi One day or the other… …you will arrest a rowdy
far more dangerous than Chandran Drag him on the roads
in front of everyone I’ll be there to enjoy that scene I will die before that! Sure da, my darling “Play at night and sleep in the day” “This is the way of the world anyway” [song from ‘Navarathiri’] Hey, come here – Yes, sir
– Clean this up Your order, sir? Quarter rum, water
and ‘tandoori’ chicken – What is our peg count so far?
– 16 pegs Are we on a high? I meant are we sozzled? – Not at all
– It is all spurious stuff We’ve been conned Click a photo and
upload in Facebook I’ll tell my FB friends to share
if they are true Tamilians – Watch this
– Super idea, bro ‘Likes’ will erupt like a volcano Hey boy, get another full bottle It’s late, we will be closing down Late, huh?
Call your owner That group is really troublesome Please talk to them, bro What is the matter? Do you drink
just to create a ruckus? It is beyond 10:00 p.m
Leave now, come on – All of you leave now
– Hey! Sit down You don’t have to go
Just sit down Sit…sit…sit down You open the shop
late in the morning And close the shop
early at night If you maintain such short hours
how can India become a Super Power? Travel and widen your mind
Shops abroad are open 24 hours Try to reform at least now Are you tanked
and being troublesome? I am not drunk and
that’s the whole trouble When has your booze ever intoxicated us? We entered when the sun set And we’ve been drinking All we do is pee but no sign
of getting high To top it all I go home and my wife
picks a quarrel when I’m not even high! We will leave only if we get tanked
None of you step out till then Drink till dawn
It’s my treat – Off you go
– Call the bartender boy He has taken his ‘weapon’ out! I’m a globetrotter drunkard! – Don’t underestimate us
– Hello, police station? Master, 2 half boiled eggs
with extra pepper Who is creating trouble in the bar? Sir, I was about to meet you They are selling booze
higher than the market price, sir Sometimes it’s tough
to open the lid One tap at the bottom and one on top It spins like a roulette In spite of all this trouble
we don’t get high Drink and test it
as a true officer Here you go
Only 1 peg Doesn’t it stink? – ‘Now you know our difficulty?’
– Leaving half way through, bro? I came here to drink in peace Such a ruckus here as well No ‘please’ of mind…! I would rather go back
to the serenity of my grove Fine, but watch your step ‘Bear in mind
I’ll beat you to a pulp’ I have every right to ask you
as a citizen, file the case ‘I will book you under the Goondas Act’ You think I’m a goon to be booked! Master, I’m sure
the egg is cooked Quoting rules to me?! Pick up everyone immediately You’ll arrest me?
Try your luck ‘You are underestimating my power’ You have no clue of
my followers in Facebook ‘If I set my mind, I can
get you transferred tomorrow’ – ‘Sparing you because you’re a cop’
– Sir, your bill ‘Our main purpose in life is to booze’ ‘We’ve spent millions in booze’ Rs 845, sir Try hitting me
You’ll have a riot! Why are you looking on? Let go of me, I say Hey! You there
Stop, I say Just you wait! Bad enough you ruined
my half boiled egg You dare walk away
without an apology! You’re dead meat, man iPhone!
Finders keepers! – Good morning, miss
– Good morning – Heard you rocked last night at the bar
– As usual, right? How can I turn a blind eye
to a crime in front of me, huh? If you’re obsessed with duty
what about a wife in your life? And start a family
of your own in due course? What’s the tearing hurry?
We just started dating – We can wait a bit
– No rush for you My parents don’t feel that way My father asked the marriage broker
to look for a groom He’s finding a groom for you? Will anyone go past me
and become your fiancé? If anyone dares- You know I’ll close his chapter
in an Encounter and move on? I’ll be late for school
See you ‘Police station?’ My dear chap
Where are you from? I’ve never seen you
earlier in this jail ‘Thank god, nobody recognizes me’ ‘What is he so deep in thought about?’ ‘- Baskar
– Sir’ ‘Any update on brothel case
in Kothanampatti?’ ‘I interrogated everyone’ We can’t proceed further
due to lack of eye witnesses – Why do you need an eye witness for this?
– SI sir Why am I locked up? Weren’t you part of the ruckus
in the bar last night? – If I’m there will you arrest me?
– Then what? I’m in no way connected to them Under what section are you
detaining me here? Release me immediately
or I’ll call my lawyer Hey Sathi, he’s threatening me
Why do you lock up such fellows? Sir, he ruined my half boiled egg
and jinxed my evening He doesn’t know
any law or a lawyer Just pulling a fast one Staring dagger at me, eh?
Call your lawyer If you see a costly phone
you’ll pocket it, huh? – Give my iPhone
– iPhone? What the hell do you mean? Which iPhone? The blows you got last night
weren’t enough, huh? I’ll crack all your fingers ‘Hey Sathiyamoorthy’ Why are you manhandling him? Go and buy my tiffin Let go of my hand Let go – Sir, usual ‘poori’?
– Buy ‘pongal’ as well Go along with him
to help him carry it Sir, who is this fellow? Constable Sathiyamoorthy – Why do you need to know?
– Move aside, bro Why are you sending a cop
to buy us food? If you let us out, we can eat
and happily go back home – What are you blabbing?
– This is a petty case Is this your mother-in-law’s house? You have a pile of cases
heaped on you, I’ll kill you ‘This has become a routine’ There they are! Yaaay! My wife is here ‘My wife’ Keep quiet! Look here, your husbands created
a ruckus in the bar last night I’ve filed a ‘public nuisance’ case – I won’t release them
– Who asked you to, sir? They are better off inside They make our lives hell
getting drunk all the time Keep them in for a whole year
Let’s see if they reform at least then You go from temple to temple
praying for a baby If we are in jail for a year
how will you experience motherhood? As if we become mothers
when you are out and free Men work so hard and so they tend
to sleep, out of sheer exhaustion So what? Don’t let your tongue run! Can you detain them
for 1 year or not? This isn’t such a serious offence at all File a rape case, sir He gets tanked and
rapes me every night, sir Savithri! Don’t wash dirty linen in public
It’s absolutely personal Your husband is better than mine My husband knocked
at Sarasu’s door, fully sozzled – You went to Sarasu’s house?
– Is that so? Not Shanthi’s house? Slippers are flying like missiles, move Our broomsticks will speak
when you come out It’s evident you’re a bachelor A slipper-missile is their smallest weapon! Girls, they cannot afford
to feed us night and day Most probably they will
send us home this evening So I request you to go home, shower
and wait for us with a tasty chicken feast We’ll come with a quarter bottle “Jolly-lo-pegathon” Give me your jewelry
Sir, I don’t know what you’ll do Pledge these jewels
and give them 3 square meals But please don’t release them If you don’t agree
I’ll resort to immolation What are you doing?
Aiyaiyo! God help me – Why did you snuff it?
– How can you do this? Even if Supreme Court passes an order
I won’t release them Please go home now ‘- Please go
– Don’t let them out’ I won’t, please listen to me That’s better
Let’s go ‘If they are still released
let’s ransack the wine shop’ “Selfie girl
Gimme a muah” [song from ‘Kaththi’] Hey, it’s ringing ‘Caller is Tony
Could it be M.S.Dhoni?’ Hello, bro Where are you? ‘What happened to you, bro?’ Why are you quiet? ‘How will we let you die, bro?’ Be brave, bro Talk to me, bro Ages since we heard your voice Say something, bro Talk to me, bro
I can’t hear you Talk or shall I let loose
a string of cuss words? ‘Hey, open your mouth’ Why did he hang up on me? Can I have 1 more bun? Help yourself to a cream bun Not a single soul
feels bad he’s missing How annoying!
Who is this now? Shankar, have you reached Nilakkottai? I heard Narayanan is planning a meeting
in the Party office this evening? Why is he hanging up
in mid conversation? Hey! Minister is calling
Pull aside – Yes, sir
– ‘Where is Shankar’? Why isn’t he picking my call? He isn’t picking our calls either, sir We are also trying to find him I gave Shankar an assignment I need to discuss with him What assignment, sir? Why are you so curious? Tell me, sir
I won’t breathe a word I told him to kill
Narayanan of Nilakkottai ‘I need to talk to him
regarding this’ Is this such a big secret, sir? I intended to finish him off myself ‘Don’t worry, sir
We’ll handle this’ Hey, bro has gone to Nilakkottai
Take an U turn and let’s go there ‘Every minute I am here
adds to my tension’ ‘Before I am identified,
I must escape from here’ – Who went on night patrol?
– Sathi and I, sir – Gandhi Park?
– Sathi, sir – Nehru Park?
– I went, sir Who is that beggar
in front of our station? – Sir, it’s me
– You, huh? – What is it?
– Please release me, sir I’ll pay you whatever you ask, sir – Will you give Rs 10000?
– I can add a couple of zeroes! Kidding me?
Get lost! Sir, I swear
I’ll pay you 1 million That too in cash Did I hear him right, Baskar?
He’s offering 1 million Unlock the door and
we can inquire further – I promise you, sir
– Okay…open! 1 minute
I’ll handle him ‘Aiyo…this chap?’ Doesn’t have a nayapaisa on him
You think he can pay you 1 million? ‘He’s a tramp’ Hey, don’t play with me You don’t know my true colors Okay, tell me Show me – Let me know who you are
– Don’t provoke me You will regret then Regret…where? Oh…I see Your body language
reeks of a rowdy Do you think you are
a mafia don or what? You seem so familiar
Wonder where I’ve seen you What have you achieved
to become a 6 footer? You are so beefed up
like a well fed buffalo What do you do for a living? It’s obvious you are jobless Shall I get you a job in a shop? Can’t you hear me? Speak up
Cat got your tongue? I will gouge your squid-eyes
Don’t you glare at me If you rub me on the wrong side I may even release all of them I’ll foist a drug case against you
and put you behind bars for 10 years You jostled my half boiled egg! ‘Hey, Sathi’ ‘We are notorious rowdies
and we are sitting quiet’ ‘Why do you want to buy trouble?’ ‘Dasara’ festival is round the corner My wife wants our house cleaned
Why don’t you send our boys? These chaps are sitting here idle They are prisoners
Don’t mess with them What did the cops do in ‘Visaranai’? The prisoners were
made to wash the loo Doesn’t the same rule hold good here? Yes…correct Amudha, I’m sending some boys
to spruce up our place ‘Go and dismantle the furniture’ They got us into this mess
like the Bigg Boss reality sho [excerpts from ‘Friends’] ‘If you touch the furniture
you’ll be the 1st dead body’ – Yov
– What? If you co-operate a bit
we can both escape from here You are an out-of-towner
You can happily escape I am a local resident They will hunt me down
and pound me to a paste! You and your brainwave! Come with me
I’ll take good care of you Am I your lover or what? You’re way off target
I’m NOT what you make me out to be Will you listen to me? When we finish cleaning this house …Sakthi sir will buy
mutton ‘biriyani’ for us Let’s eat every morsel of rice Go back to jail
and relax happily You’ll both get it from me He’s disturbing me
You won’t take off our hand cuffs ‘When will you nab Cycle Shankar?” ’12 task forces have been assigned
to nab Cycle Shankar’ ‘We will nab him very soon’ Sakthi, commissioner claims
he has 12 task forces to nab 1 chap – Is he that notorious a rowdy?
– 100% ‘So many cases against him’ But the cops can’t trace him Let him be the most dangerous criminal Why can’t they close his chapter
with an Encounter? Why send out armies
to catch hold of him? If only I find him
I’ll squeeze his breath out! Then what, bro? They have handcuffed
2 innocent people And let a criminal go scot-free?
Isn’t that a crime?! Wonder what crap
this sub inspector eats! Yov! Let me repeat this Come with me
I’ll take care of you Do you want mutton ‘biriyani’ or not?
Shut up and scrub We’ll sit here and eat
and then attend to our work Who is this calling me
at such an unearthly hour? Hello…hey! Do you think I don’t know
where you are and what you’re up to? You had better come out of hiding Where is he talking from? Or I will myself shoot you
wherever you are You’ll end up as a corpse This place is already stinking Hello…hello! ‘Silukkuvaarpatti
Limit Begins’ Hey! This is our bro’s car
Stop…stop, I say That’s it, he sees a bar
he will park his car Doctor warned him of kidney failure
Does he listen? Our nation comes up with
so many new inventions No one has invented
a wireless mobile without a charger It is so tiresome Bro’s car is parked out
but he isn’t in here Let’s go and check his car Cheeeers! ‘Is he sleeping inside?’ Are you checking
to see if anyone is inside? Past days this car has been parked here His phone isn’t reachable He looks like an Anglo-Indian
Let’s go and ask him – Talk to him in English
– Yeah! – Excuse me, gentleman
– Yes, what do you want? If you don’t mind
have you seen this person? – Watch the photo
– J7? Am I giving the phone
to you for servicing? See if you can identify this person? I will try His hair style,
beard and moustache All this remind me of
actor-director T.Rajendran If he’s hairy he’s T.Rajendran Then is a baldie
‘Mottai’ Rajendran? Tortoise skull!
Stupid of me to ask you – Come, boys
– Excuse me, sir – Oh! Thank you
– No mention He and his butler English! Hey! El Groucho 3 days ago this man came here
to have a drink, did you see him? Think and tell me
He wouldn’t have tipped you This man?
Oh! Yes Yes, he came here
and ordered a drink Even when the cops came in
he ordered from this table The cops came here? Yes, there was such
a ruckus that night The cops arrested 5-6 people – Bro, come here
– Coming What is this new twist? What if our bro was arrested? News would’ve leaked out Sometimes they will interrogate
under their custody secretly They won’t let go
till our bro confesses Instead of wasting time
talking like this… …let’s go to the police station Why take that risk? Let’s drink and
head back to Madras We have to find our bro Why are you so concerned? He’s my cousin! You never told us Kith and kin shouldn’t be
revealed to accomplices! That’s rowdy’s policy Gawd! It’s so stuffy in here The Govt gives so many benefits Why can’t it fund
air conditioners in jail? For our sake ‘Good morning, sir’ – How are you?
– Rajapandi, what brings you here? What else will I ask? Ganesan case has been
dragging for too long Yov! That can’t be closed that easily Sir, if you set your mind
you can close it When I become a MLA
won’t I line your pocket? Do the needful, sir Do you think becoming an MLA is that easy? It is tough, I agree I’m going to Chennai
to meet the minister – Devaraj?
– They have made him a dummy I meant ArumugaPerumal
He hails from my hometown He is a weird character How can you trust him? Sir…sir I’ll talk to the minister
and get him a MLA seat As him to release me, sir Get me also the Inspector general post! Senseless fellow! – Who is he, sir?
– He is off his rockers – Blabbermouth
– Yov! Who is off his rockers? Am I a lunatic? I’ll bash you up How dare you retort from in there? I’ll kill you How dare you back answer? Sir, please do the needful I’m on my way Sit down I’ll go in under the pretext of filing
a complaint and check if bro is inside Don’t go off to eat, huh? ‘This area isn’t in our jurisdiction
Why should we provide security?’ ‘Maybe they think
we are watchmen, sir?’ What are we doing otherwise anyway! Good morning, sir What do you want? – My wallet is missing
– Get a new one I’ve come to complain
about the purse-thief, sir ‘Bro is here’ – Want to go in?
– Plenty of time for that! Malinga, you look
the pick pocketing kind Clear out now
Look who is complaining ‘So says Anbuchelvan IPS’ Get out now ‘You will get it from me!’ Rewrite this case – What, Tony?
– Bro is inside But there are 4-5 rowdies with him – How many cops?
– Maybe 5 or 6 But they are well armed So what?
We are 6 of us We can just rush in and attack This is a town The people will gang up against us
Then how will we rescue our bro? Let it get dark
Then we’ll bring him out “How could you do this, my dear?” I’ll gladly oblige, dear! Lazy bones! Buffaloes Let’s go Our station has a reputation to uphold Who are you? Only if a cop hits
it’s 1.5 tonne weight, uh? Even rowdies can boast of the same 1.5 ton Who the hell are all of you? What gall to lock up
our bro Cycle Shankar? Cycle Shankar, huh? Then what?
Hero Jai Shankar? Why are your eyes swollen?
Did they hit you, bro? Tell us, we can burn
the entire lot alive Where is he? Ask my boss, the sub inspector Sir…sir…sir Where is he?
Tell me right now I don’t know, sir I swear
I don’t know Bro, either shoot him
or let him go Let’s go, minister has been
calling us nonstop Where do you want me to go? Our assignment in Nilakkottai? Dump your assignment
in the Bay of Bengal! Why did he shoot the light? I need to find someone here – Who?
– Sathiyamoorthy Constable Sathiyamoorthy
who put me behind bar I won’t leave this place
till I close his chapter Come Do I look like a petty thief? [humming] What happened, sir? Why are you standing
like you’ve seen a ghost? Did Share auto Chandran come here?
Especially when I wasn’t here ‘Shoves his feet into his mouth!’ I am asking you, sir It wasn’t Share auto Chandran Cycle Shankar That Chennai rowdy? – Yes
– Why did he come here? Good question – You arrested him here
– Have you lost your mind? You locked up a chap and
tortured him when bored He is none other than Cycle Shankar – I don’t believe this
– Yes, sir His thugs came and wrecked
the place and took him along You know what his exit line was? Killing you is on top of his list ‘Bad enough you ruined
my half boiled egg’ You raised hell on earth
for a simple half boiled egg! Now he intends making
a ‘half boil’ out of you!! ‘What do you mean iPhone?’ ‘Do you think you are
a mafia don or what?’ ‘I will gouge your squid-eyes
Don’t you glare at me’ ‘Jostled my half boiled egg!’ ‘I need to find someone here
by name Sathiyamoorthy’ ‘Constable Sathiyamoorthy
who put me behind bar’ ‘I won’t leave this place
till I close his chapter’ Sir, I’m sub inspector Muththaiya
from Silukkuvaarpatti police station Very important!
You call yourself a policeman? Can’t you recognise Cycle Shankar?
Such a notorious rowdy He seemed familiar
but I blanked out, sir Extremely sorry, sir If you arrest someone
won’t you enquire about him? How did you keep him in for 4 days? It was wrong on my part, sir – Namaste sir
– Who are they? They created a ruckus in the bar, sir – Yes, sir
– Useless fellows – Send them out
– Constable, release me Wait, why trouble yourself? Hold this, they have broken everything Sir, you look like a superior officer A small request All the shops in this joint
sell duplicate liquor My insides have burnt out They don’t want to take any action You know very well
why they choose not to – Get lost!
– Thank you so much Sir takes foreign liquor
Why will he bother? – ‘Tell me, sir’
– What is happening there? – Can’t trace Cycle Shankar
– Local police is under your control Cycle Shankar should have no issues Commissioner is here
I’ll talk to you later Good morning, sir Name the constable
who arrested Cycle Shankar? – He is Sathiyamoorthy
– Where is he? Don’t know where he is Feeling dizzy, he went out
for a cup of tea last night That’s the last we saw
or heard of him – His phone is switched off
– I would like to say this Shankar left the station swearing
his 1st duty is to kill Sathiyamoorthy I think that’s why he is hiding Is it? Jack in the box! He isn’t the kind
to run and hide, sir He will hunt and kill In fact he was the one who arrested
Cycle Shankar and treated him harshly – Then where is he?
– That’s a mystery, sir Already that Cycle Shankar
has killed a policeman Now he has taken an oath
to kill another cop Whether we find
Cycle Shankar or not… …1st we must find Sathiyamoorthy Sir, a constable has arrested a rowdy
which you as a commissioner couldn’t do What is your opinion? There is no difference between
constable and commissioner, all are cops I am proud that a Tamil Nadu Police
constable arrested rowdy Cycle Shankar Is there a motive behind Cycle Shankar
moving to this city? Don’t know, we’ve just
started our investigation ‘Bro, the constable has an old love’ – Shall we kidnap her?
– And do what? – Do something
– My slipper will speak! Aiyaiyo! Mr Specs is calling Bro, he has called 4 times It will go against us if you don’t talk What has happened now
for you to get so upset? He is an ordinary constable How can you think of him
as your rival? You kill Narayanan and come here Narayanan is not my 1st priority Constable Sathiyamoorthy Only I know the disgrace
I’ve been facing for the past 4 days Do you know how much he insulted me? My mind will be appeased only after
I find him and pickle him to pieces When I hunt and kill
that constable Sathiyamoorthy …the very next day
Narayanan will be dead Whom are you calling now? Calling my iPhone
I left it in the bar – It’s ringing
– For sure it will ring It’s Tony again – He picked up
– You bet he will Your hello will be one sided
He won’t reply Let me handle him – Hello sir, how are you?
– Hello sir, who are you? Sir, you are holding
my bro’s mobile You sound like a well read person Oh yes! I was just reading the newspaper! Your phone is stuck
with a lunatic Sir, had it been someone else,
he would’ve changed the number by now But you are a gentleman Because you want to return
the phone to its owner! If you want you can
buy another mobile Finders keepers!
I am the owner of this mobile Don’t say that You haven’t changed the Sim
What will you do with it? I will play games That’s an iPhone, sir Sir, if want money
let us know, we can pay – How much will you give?
– How much, huh? Quote any amount Let’s come to a neat arrangement Let’s settle for Rs 1500 Whom are you trying to cheat? How can an iPhone
cost just Rs 1,500? I thought he is mad
but he’s really sharp Okay, sir ‘We’ll pay whatever you’re expecting’ Give it to me – Add 50 more
– I’ll pay you Rs 50,000 – 50,000, huh?
– Okay, double that I could have flicked his phone myself Even 50,000 is high He’s doubling it
Whacko! ‘Okay, come immediately
to Nehru park’ Only after I count the money… …I’ll hand over this mobile to you – Deal
– Okay – What?
– He agreed What did he agree? You are paying double
the cost of this phone Moron, I’ve stored
all the evidence in that phone Just to be on the safe side …I’ve recorded the audio and video
of all the conversations of our minister If he gets caught
he can’t come out this birth That’s been my wish too It won’t come true
Let’s go Forget it then Is he Tony? Looks like a big cauldron
to make ‘biriyani’ He’s calling us Hello, sir, how are you?
I am waiting for you Why have you brought these rowdies
just to take the phone, sir? You are mistaken, sir, these are
students of Engineering college Which college admits students
with a mop of hair and pot bellies? ‘From where is this creature watching us?’ ‘If I get hold of him-‘ Sir, we have your cash with us Give us the mobile
and take the money But where is the suitcase? Dumbass, why do we need
a suitcase for 1 lakh? You can fold 50 notes of
Rs 2000 denomination in your pocket Who are you trying to fool? This phone now belongs to me – Don’t hang up
– See you? ‘I thought he was mad’ I am starting for Chennai at 5:00 a.m
Update me on any news of Cycle Shankar Any information on
constable Sathiyamoorthy? Not yet, sir
We are enquiring Sathiyamoorthy will have a reason
for every action of his, sir How did you become
a sub-inspector? Okay, you can go now Good night, sir Hey…! Who is it? Come out
Hands up! Sir…sir Sir, don’t shoot Don’t act smart
I will shoot you I won’t, sir
I don’t know either Who are you? Me, sir, Sathi
Constable Sathiyamoorthy – Look at me properly, sir
– Constable Sathiyamoorthy? What is this disguise? Cycle Shankar has sworn to kill me Please arrest him
and save my life, sir Sub inspector praised you sky high
and put you on a pedestal Aiyo! He’s innocent and gullible
He’ll fall for any story I am just a constable
What can I do, sir? You think you are just a constable
and you’re wondering what you can do? When terrorists surrounded
our Parliament and attacked Kamlesh Kumari Yadav, a constable
sacrificed her life to prevent it If she had thought like you,
would she have stopped the attack? Or protected the dignity of India? You are just like her
You don’t know your own strength We can’t catch that rowdy
even if we have special squads? But you arrested him with ease Because you did not see him
as Cycle Shankar! You treated him as an ordinary chap!
Think likewise even now I am handing this project over to you
I’ll give you the required police back up The project will be called
Operation Cycle Somehow you arrest him In the same station where you work… …I’ll promote you as SI, okay? Post of sub inspector? Who wants this silly SI post? I am already regretting
becoming a constable He thinks he’s doing me a favor! Are you trying to brainwash me
and link me up with that terror? All those working
under you couldn’t nab him You expect me to catch him?
What do you take me for? For your information
I caught him once already Now it’s your turn, okay? Till then I am on leave Medical leave
See you, sir I’ll suspend you for 6 months
if you take off now Aiyo! Be my guest
Go ahead, sir You can even dismiss me – Did I ask you any favor?
– Hey…stop Hey constable, catch him He’s blabbering like an idiot! Stop, Sathiyamoorthy “He’s a lion cub from Silukkuvaarpatti” “Bold, brave and daring supposedly” On the street, bro Catch him somehow
and bring him here Are you sleeping? Why is Singh hovering around? Convey my regards to Modi! “Even if you search high and low
No one can match our hero” – Where is he?
– Ladies and gentlemen – Do you have GST issues?
– Yes, sir – You handle it
– Get in Wait, we’ll land here someday Don’t shout, grandma
I’m Sathi I’m starving How can you be scared of a chap
who worked in a cycle shop? I know when to catch him
Serve me gravy Wherever you are in this world
come what may I’ll find yo- I am totally broke This is anyway bribes you got “Will he drink Superman soup
sip by sip to the last drop?” “Look around, point out to me
the great great-grandson of Baahubali?” Sleeps like a buffalo! ‘I’m a super Indian cop
used to hip hop’ ‘I don’t play with words
Just play with swords’ Thief! Thief!! – I’m not a thief
– Someone wake up…help! Who is that? ‘Wearing khaki swaying with a thuppakki’ ‘Please don’t get confused
I’m not ‘Thala’ or ‘Thalapathi’ ‘Stop it, I’m feeling all shy, baby’ ‘People say I’m a mixture
of these 2 you see’ ‘Chilling, cooling
like I’m a king in this city’ ‘I’m just very cute
These girls call me cutie’ ‘But my momma says
I’m a little bit o’ a Tamil beauty’ ‘Tho’ I’m a strict cop
I’m a little naughty’ ‘I don’t talk to thugs
My gun does the talking’ ‘If you mess with me
you would be like broken’ ‘Tho’ I’m a gangster, man, just joking’ ‘Take a chill pill
There’s no reason to be chokin’ Rain is so scarce now Come, dear She is just back from school What’s happening here, ma? Look, what your father is up to? He didn’t want you to marry
into my side of the family How fair is it, he’s fixing
a groom from his side! Is this a competition?
Did I ask to get married? – He’s coming
– What is it, dear? What are mother and
daughter conspiring? I am not interested
in this alliance, pa Let’s say no to this groom Will you marry Sathi
your mother’s nephew? I thought you would’ve
forgotten him by now But you haven’t That rowdy had sworn
to kill him one of these days I can’t see my daughter
end up as a widow! Raji, I always have
what’s best for you at heart Go…get ready quickly Why are you upset?
Are you getting married? It’s just an engagement We can deal with it
Go and change Bride is decked up All of us like the girl We are very happy If you can fix a wedding date- Priest, fix an auspicious day 20th of this month is a good day Are you okay with this, sir? Double okay, uncle With the blessings of your family deity
let the auspicious event be fixed Hi Heard you got engaged
But you’re back to work ‘Come to the van
parked outside the compound’ Hold this
I’ll be back Hey…who are you? Why did your father get you engaged? Wedding is fixed for the 20th! – What is the hurry?
– Forget that Do you realise what you are doing? My father says, you are on the run,
scared of Cycle Shankar Is it true?
Tell me, Sathi That isn’t the issue – Answer me
– Same goes to you! Are you scared of Cycle Shankar? No…who said? Then come right now
Join duty I know when to join duty Not now, the time isn’t right Don’t blabber, Sathi Everybody is maligning you Are you joining duty now or not? – Can’t come
– Why? I am asking you, tell me why? Aiyo! I am asking you
So tell me your reason Because I am an undercover agent! Whaaat?
Undercover? Undercover! Aiyo! She’s torturing me I am in disguise like this
only to nab Cycle Shankar This is commissioner’s order He told me not to reveal this to anyone He specifically told me
not to tell even you But you forced
the words out of my mouth! What do you mean, Sathi? You don’t trust me, right? This mission is called Operation Cycle My target is that Cycle Shankar! Really? Sorry, Sathi, even I misunderstood you ‘She bought it!’ Only you, huh? This whole town has misjudged me But I had an inkling of a doubt You won’t hide
without a reason That’s my Sathi! – Come
– But listen to this You must arrest
Cycle Shankar before the 20th And make both my father
and Rajapandi eat their words! You tie the sacred wedding thread
around my neck on that very day Will you arrest him by then? Yes, I’m sure I can ‘Only God can save me’ ‘Cycle Shankar is a notorious rowdy’ ‘Even the Commissioner
couldn’t nab him’ ‘But constable Sathiyamoorthy
the lion cub of our town’ ‘…locked him up with ease
and gave him a few hard knocks’ ‘But what to do? Shankar escaped
when Sathi was away’ ‘The police force
who also gave up hope’ …is seeking Sathi’s help to nab him’ ‘Superman of Silikkuvaarpatti’ ‘Brave warrior, undercover cop
of Silikkuvaarpatti’ ‘Cop undercover to nab Cycle Shankar’ Aiyaiyo! My phone I knew he’ll throw it
That’s why I didn’t give my phone Commissioner was really mean Giving him an assignment
without our knowledge… …he wants us to look for Sathi Did I ask you to tell the whole town
about my assignment? – ‘Madcap!’
– No, Sathi I told only Sowmya You might as well
have read it out on TV – Sorry, Sathi
– Idiot I thought as much when constable
Sathiyamoorthy was hiding from us Something was fishy Your deduction is right
He isn’t an ordinary cop When he could bash you up… …he must be a holy terror of a cop! Then why is he scared of our bro? Commissioner’s handiwork! He is letting the public think
the constable is scared of bro Then the commissioner plans to lock up bro,
kill him and give him a grand funeral! – What?
– Whether he plans or not… …you are beating him hollow! Just a wild guess Hey! Let me see who will plan
to finish off whom ‘You manhandled me
I’ll poison your food’ ‘Nowadays even seers have
taken to liquor in public’ Times are changing! They really thought you were a seer But frankly this disguise
doesn’t suit you one bit Have I worn this to receive an award? That Cycle Shankar- I don’t want to be caught
by Cycle Shankar, that’s all – Sit down
– Bossss! Why did you forget us? Only if you come often
you can show off Baskar, Share auto Chandran Come regularly, bro To see you next I might
have to visit the cemetery Sit…sit – Sit down please
– Hey get up! ‘Seated in a bar, instead of class room
Master please sit’ Baskar, give your phone Calling whom, Sathi? – Hello
– Hey, give the phone to Cycle – Who is it?
– Some classmate of yours He called you ‘cycle’
Here, shoot – Cycle?
– Hey I don’t know why you came to this town ‘I don’t even need to know’ But listen to this Silikkuvaarpatti is my town ‘I draw the rules here’ I can’t allow random tramps
to rule the roost here I should not see you here
tomorrow morning – Pack up and leave before dawn
– Who are you? Chandran, da Share auto Chandran If you’re a legitimate son
tell me where you are I am in Jil Jil bar
on the main road If you’re born to 4 fathers
you land up here I am coming right now Start the vehicle You imitated Chandran
and entangled him with Cycle No, it is the other way
I’ve linked Cycle to Share auto! Cycle Shankar may be
a big rowdy in Chennai But in Silukkuvaarpatti
Chandran holds the title undisputed Just wait and watch how he makes
Cycle Shankar run for cover Even if you hang on
to dear life in my auto …sitting with me for a drink as equals …this is a prize example of socialism! It’s your magnanimity, master Who is Chandran here? Pipsqueaks!
I’ll handle them – Who are you?
– Dead meat! Anna! Shankar, I say Cycle Shankar! How dare you call my bro
and ridicule him? Who is Share auto Chandran? Lift your hand
Can’t you hear me? Why do you get up?
Sit tight Master, are you scared? – We are undisputed rowdies here
– I agree – But you don’t know who he is
– Why is everyone quiet? Someone has led him up a false trail to us Hey! He is asking about our Chandran Share auto Chandran drank just now
and left to the right – Right?
– You can catch him if you go fast Bloody crook! I don’t think he’ll go – Who are you?
– I am a partner in this bar Need to check the bottles, you see – Let’s count the bottles
– Oh! Bottle-picker! – Thought you are a dancer in the bar
– Let’s go, boys Come this side, follow me Let’s go, bro – Have they left?
– Yes, master What are you waiting for? Come back Waste of an idea! – I’m the laughing stock, huh?
– Not laughing at you I was laughing at people who believed
Chandran to be a big rowdy Greetings bro
How are you? My daughter is getting married
Come with your family – How are you?
– I am fine My daughter’s marriage – I’ll attend
– Go ahead Invite anyone you like But in the end only my grandson
will be marrying her Let’s go this way
Shameless couple! Come ‘Good times round the bend
Auspicious events to attend’ ‘Happy tidings for
the princess of this house’ ‘Lady Luck is smiling on you’ ‘Good times ahead’ Switched on the light
Raji has heard me ‘But as the house faces south’ ‘Girl’s father has
malefic effects of Saturn’ ‘If the wedding is
delayed by 6 months’ ‘…she will lead a long
and happy married life’ ‘But if you ignore this oracle
and conduct the marriage’ ‘…the groom will have a short lifeline’ ‘Good times round the bend’ Hey stop ‘If the lady of the house decides,
the family will prosper’ ‘But if he insists
on taking decisions’ ‘…he will lose the post of councillor
and become a pauper’ ‘Good times await you’ Hey! Stop You heard what he said? Hey, did you look at him? Came with a buffalo Will a soothsayer ever come
with a buffalo instead of a cow?! Some joker blabbered
for his livelihood Still it doesn’t augur well Let’s postpone the wedding
by 6 months Don’t be a pain! A priest has matched horoscopes, fixed date
and you’ll go by some roadside madcap? I don’t care who says what
Raji’s wedding is on 20th ‘When has he listened to me?’ – ‘Raji’
– What? Buffalo skinned fellow! Not bad, you recognized me! As if you are hero Kamal Hassan
and I can’t see through your make up! Alarmed now our father would have
postponed the wedding? ‘He doesn’t respect you one bit’ Hello Oh gawd!
Cycle chap?! How do I escape now? Excuse me, soothsayer
How do we get to a liquor shop? Drive ahead
and go straight Both are the same, I say! Hey! He’s the one – Not me!
– Nab him Bro, why nab scavengers
and soothsayers? – Sathiyamoorthy
– Turn the jeep My bro can spot you
in any disguise! “This glam-doll came a-smiling appealing” “Her intentions ever so revealing” “Her graceful curves set pulses a-racing” [from ‘Vasool Raja MBBS’] Who are you?
Why did you barge in? Kanaka, it’s me…Sathi Hey, police!
What is this disguise? Cycle Shankar is hell bent
on killing me – Damn this drum!
– Who are they? – ‘Excuse me’
– He is here – Hide over there
– ‘Open the door’ ‘Will you open the door now?’ Wow! Tony, attend to our job on hand How is it possible? What do you want? My limbs feel paralyzed
What can I say? I’ll use my pepper spray! Did a soothsayer come here? He is a dangerous fellow Send him out
I must kill him Murder can wait till
the show is over, clear out Till then, shall I wait here? – Kanaka
– Who is this? Kanaka, why aren’t you picking my calls? Shut up! Kanaka has shut you up, get out
Nosey parker! That’s it
Chapter closed They will kill me today for sure You are supposed to be a cop
How can you cry? Who told you
a policeman should not cry? Is there any such rule? – I can cry my heart out
– Comeback only here Wait, I have an idea I can’t agree to all this! – I’m in love with Raji
– Idiot! You can love anyone Just shut up for now “I’m the dude from Madura city
Jupiter in my horoscope is exalted, sweetie” This is nothing, wait till Kanaka comes
Whole auditorium will be on fire Isn’t the dance super? Sir…! Cycle Shankar! That’s right I think he is in search of Sathiyamoorthy If only we can catch him now
we’ll get instant promotion At least let’s wrap up 1 case
before we retire! – Hello
– I’m Sub Inspector Muththaiya speaking At this time of night? Cycle Shankar has landed here
with his thugs If you come here with full force
we can squash him like a rooster! Moron! What is your assignment
and who are you after? Sathiyamoorthy is more important
to us than Cycle Shankar – Nab him
– Thank you, sir What did he say? He asked us to zip our lips
and enjoy the dance Hey, ask Kanaka to come to the stage Here she comes Can fold her hip onto my lap! Kanakaa! Looks like a hard core fan “In the twilight offering time
desires rise to gratify sublime” “Tempting feast on the plate
Pleasured pain to satiate” Who is the other one? – More beautiful than Kanaka?
– Don’t know, sir A cool glam doll
and tall too – Aiyo! Cycle Shankar
– Who? Cycle Shankar! Why the hell did he come here? I think he is after us
Let’s get out, hurry up “On the banks of the river Yamuna
Your garden is paradise, o’ Kanna” Come on, bro “Scent of the flowers wafting in the breeze
It’s a mounting fever teasing to appease” [song from ‘ Oomai Vizhigal’] Bro, what happened? I thought it was him! You are paranoid about him! Cover your face and dance, dear Ruining a good performance? Just missed…! How could all of you
let him escape? – Why exclude yourself?
– Whaaat? Why are you tense? What else do you expect then? – After all a constable
– Where can he go, bro? He’ll be around
We can nab him What now? – That dancer
– Rosy glam doll! – Ask our bro
– He won’t agree What is it? Did you see who is walking over there? That dancer!
What about her? Er…it’s been a long time Boys are starved! – Whaaaat?
– Just a request from them You can relax too You are missing your target
all because of this tension Just indulge once and
your mind will be refreshed What do you say, huh? Looks like you are
on our wavelength now Shall I call her? Hey, girl…hey! Hey, you! Call loudly
She may go away He seems even more randy than us! – Hey listen…you
– ‘Whom are they calling?’ – Hey…you
– Not again! Hey…stop Hey yellow skirt!
Turn back Get lost, bloody scumbags! Get in, quick She called me a scumbag
only because of you! I’ll show her ‘Paruthiveeran’ climax You’ll be in a royal mess
in tomorrow’s headlines! Catch her…go Can’t even enjoy a dance peacefully! Hey…the same glam doll
is cycling furiously in front of us Lucky cycle, man Take her, we can
have fun for a week [loud honking] – Who is flashing that light?
– Cycle Shankar is following us Aiyo…he seems to be hounding me – Swerve to the left
– It’s steep, bro – Then turn right
– Ditch there It’s okay
Just obey “Silikkuvaarpatti singam” “Supposedly bold, brave and fearsome” Even in the middle of the night …she took that plunge
to protect her chastity! She is truly a virtuous woman! God bless you
Alleluia! What do you think of yourself? Do you remember
tomorrow is my wedding, eh? Why don’t you ask the Commissioner
to relieve you from ‘Operation Cycle’? – Let’s focus on our life
– I’ll nab him for sure, Raji When?
After my marriage? What is the use
of catching him then? If operation is abandoned midway
patient will die, bear that in mind Similarly, if I get relieved from
‘Operation Cycle’, Shankar will escape So only when Cycle Shankar gets locked up I can come out
heaving a sigh of relief! Okay, you keep saying
you’ll nab him What is your plan?
At least tell me that Wait till tomorrow
All is well that ends well! I don’t know what you will do or how But stop this marriage,
that will do ‘Rajapandi weds Rajeswari’ Rajapandi and Rajeswari Our banners should cover
our entire town In every nook and corner Even after 10 years, people should
remember this wedding Understood? I’ll go to the loo
and be back, wait here – Buy them food
– Okay, bro Hey, what are you doing here? Listen, Rajapandi Raji and I are childhood sweethearts You’re just in love
Please go ahead But only till my wedding day After that she’s mine – Understood?
– I am serious! Even I am serious, partner If I have to climb up the ladder
in my political career, I need such a bride So forget Raji I can even look for a suitable bride
and get you married One last request
Stop the wedding yourself Or else I may have to do that You’ll stop my wedding? With my party men and police around
will you dare do so? What temerity! Stop this wedding
if you are a real man! Wait and watch Get lost! Sir, he had the gall to challenge me
I am banking on you Don’t worry
I’ll take care of everything You keep saying this! – My boss on line
– Go ahead, talk – Where are you?
– I am at the wedding hall Sathiyamoorthy will come here
to stop this wedding for sure I’ll grab him
the moment I set eyes on him Trust me, I’ll bring him over to you Sir, mine is a family of inspectors My grandfather caught
the rowdy ‘Chappai’ Siva He was a notorious chap – I swear I’ll catch him
– Police brother! – Is the function over?
– Not yet, go inside, sir – Thank you
– Sir, watch my move this time Sneha’s brothers, standing together!
Attending the wedding? No, sir, some chap
tried to flirt with our sister We are her chaperones this time Does your stupid face
need this kind of over protection? [Holy chant] – Hello
– Hey, this is Sathi ‘Hey, playing tricks with me?’ ‘If only I catch you-‘ Listen, this is an issue
between you and me Either you should die or I should ‘If you’re really gutsy
combat me face to face’ Not stab me from behind
like an idiot – Who is an idiot?
– Pass that onion What? You wanted to barge into
Kamakshi wedding hall …kidnap my relative
and stop the wedding If it happens… I will shoot you
in the middle of the road Where is Kamakshi wedding hall? Are we attending a wedding? Not attending We are stopping the function Dog in the manger! Won’t marry
Won’t let others marry! Namaste…greetings Please come – How is everything?
– Fine, please be seated How do we kidnap the groom? You had no plan
and you spoilt our feast! – Hey!
– Wait, let me think, bro This chap, eh? Is that blade-nose fellow
the bridegroom? Bro, keep talking to him
for 5 minutes I’ll come back
with your groom ‘On the dot!’ Let’s search for the bridegroom Ma…? What? She may run away
Stay with her I’ll take care
You go now If you mess it up – I’ll break your head
– Go now I’ve informed Arumugam Look at that chap
you’ll least expect to be the groom He is our target
Let me handle this Good morning Kanaka wants to meet you at once Kanaka…why now? I don’t know
Just a friendly meet Tell her I can’t come
Did she come when I called her? She feels really bad about that To redeem herself, she want to see
your handsome face just once Tell her I’ll come to the grove tomorrow You’ll soon be married You’ll have the ‘Panchayat’ on your back
if you meet her then Just meet her now, okay? Why are you messing up
my wedding day? – ‘Not falling for the bait’
– She wanted money? We are not privy
to your ‘give and take’ Just meet her
and come back, okay? It may become an issue You bring her
to my room upstairs – Come soon
– Careful – Rajapandi
– Hello leader – Where is the toilet?
– At the back, sir – Go straight and turn right
– I got the loosies – Bring her to my room
– ‘Nilakkottai Narayanan’ Let us all go to the loo I’m fine, you go Buffalo, do you know
who went past us? Nilakkottai Narayanan We came from Chennai to kill him What shall we do? It’s like God from the temple
visiting us instead! – We close his chapter
– Shall I bring bro inside? He will mess up everything We can handle this easily
and surprise our bro Be careful He must be here, come Hello, excuse me Is Nilakkottai Narayanan here? This is the ladies’ loo
No decency at all – Get out, scumbags!
– Sorry I mistook this to be
a common toilet Will that bucket full of water
be enough for you? – I’ll bash you up
– Save your skin! ‘Here is our prized bull!’ I used to get thrashed
by everyone in my childhood I know him – Sir, good morning
– How are you? Police…let’s go and sit I came to investigate a secret matter You can’t do nothing Do you know the bride or groom? You’re doomed!
Shut up He can come
from any side Be alert, he may even be
seated in this crowd Understood? – Hey, Sathi is calling
– Answer the call Long time since I heard your voice I have lots to share with you Meet me at the lower bridge
I’ll be waiting – He hung up on me
– Who was on phone? Our Sathi spoke He wants to meet me immediately – You leave then
– What’s wrong with you? It might be a ruse
so he can kidnap the bride We have to think of that, right? Has Sathi every lied to you? Okay, you be here – Let me know if he comes
– Okay, sir Bye 100 bucks is more than enough
for the gift, box is anyway big! Hello, sub inspector sir – Not nabbed Cycle Shankar as yet
– Why don’t you help? – Give me your salary?
– Come to the station – To get beaten up?
– Shut up Bro, wait
I’ll be back ‘Bride looks beautiful’ ‘I am not lucky enough to live with her’ ‘At least let me take a selfie’ Another cut-out here! Who is this grown up youngster? I saw you when you came to complain You looked so beautiful
Can I come for an enquiry this evening? Bro, he is Baskar
WhatsApp tormentor! – Is this Baskar?
– Yes, he is He has tricked us
We must finish him off today Come on…catch him…quick – He must be here
– He took us for such a ride! – Show no mercy
– He walked in just now – Where can he be?
– Search thoroughly Hey, did you see the cop? Must have gone that way – Come on
– Hurry up ‘So engrossed in her damn phone!’ ‘Benefit of 1.5 GB free daily’ ‘Babu’ ‘Snaaaaake Babu’ Dubmash! I wasn’t bothered about
my iPhone being stolen But imagine having to
watch all this crap! To top it all, your photo as screen saver? Better run while I let you go I took the suit on hire Shall I taste the wedding feast? There won’t be a wedding after we kidnap
the groom and you want a feast! Get lost! ‘Glam doll Kanaka
Looks ditto as she was in Bigg Boss’ Uncle can’t take his eyes off you ‘Uncle wants the cake,
plate and the knife!’ – Poor chap!
– Very true ‘These loosies are driving me nuts’ Tony, where is going now? To the loo
Let’s follow – Where are you off to?
– We’ll be back ‘He came here and missing! ‘Where is the bucket?
Hold it…control’ I can’t bear this – What are you doing here?
– No water at home – Came for a dip
– With your uniform? How to identify the men’s toilet! Sir, which is the men’s toilet? Can’t you read? Let’s go in ‘Where is he?’ Think of the devil?! Remember what I told you
and follow it Sir! You must help restore
power outage in our area Is this the place for your petition? – I’ll even fall at your feet, sir
– Let go of my leg Lift him, stuff him into the sack Give me a hand Do you want to get caught
going over there? This way…go Go…he deserves this and more! Police…police Patrolling, sir? Leader went to the loo long ago
Let’s go and check – Hello?
– This is Cycle Shankar I am in a meeting
I’ll call you later ‘He must be with his wife’ Not in the loo
Where would he have gone? What if he went to
the ladies’ loo in haste? Quite possible
Let’s take a look Madam, did you see
Nilakkottai Narayanan? Will he come only to
the ladies’ loo, huh? If any of you come again asking for
this chap, my broomstick will speak! That will be lovely ‘Why is she seated here?’ – What?
– Room…upstairs What? ‘Track is changing’ – I told you, come upstairs
– What is he saying? Calling me to the room upstairs He can never be a reformed rake! We shouldn’t have come here How could we say no?
Councillor invited you personally Come upstairs Let’s leave ‘Aiyayo…she is leaving’ Hello, bro ‘He is following her’ – Auto, can you take us to Chatrapatti?
– Get in Come on, come on I caught Baskar
Come…come soon I am M Baskar, not M.S.Bhaskar
who loves your sister Hey Dorai Pandi, Pal Pandi,
Muthu Pandi, come fast He has bashed our brother
Come on, hurry up – Aiyaiyo!
– Let’s get him He’s dead meat – Hey
– Look properly Knock on all the doors Next…next door Hey, he is in here – Hey! Open the door
– Pour water inside – Pour more water
– Come out You’ll have your funeral
in the loo today Come out, now What are you doing inside, sis? Do you let me crap in peace? After eating the chicken
I offered as vow to God… I’ve been literally living in the loo! Not knowing the crap I’m going through …keep asking for Nilakkottai Narayanan
one after the other continuously – Will you dare torture me again?
– We are chickening out! Junk of a jerk! Only if you get the loosies
you’ll know my pain! Who is that Nilakkottai fellow? Hey! Be careful
He might explode! Kidnapped the groom?
Shall we start? Forget him – I’ve got a soooper gift for you
– What? If I tell you, I am sure
you’ll hug and muah! It’s a surprise He has challenged me
to kidnap the groom What’s up, Tony? What is he saying? He’s tense we haven’t got the groom Hey! Where is Kanaka? Like a fruit falling ripe into our lap! Come, she’s waiting only for you Come soon Be alert – Look inside
– In here? Take a look Peep inside You want the forbidden fruit
on your wedding day! The auspicious time is nearing Escort the groom to the dais
Come soon BRIDEGROOM IS MISSING! Missing? Groom has run away it seems How can that be?
But he was here all this while How could he vanish? Yov! Half an hour
since he followed Kanaka! What are you blabbering? That’s the truth
I saw him go He kept calling her to his room ‘She refused
He was so insistent’ Kanaka walked away in a huff He followed her like a lamb! Councillor, won’t you find out about
the groom before you fix the alliance? – What to do now?
– What can I say? Imagine picking a junk like this How does it speak well of you? Don’t you have a conscience?
You’re ruining your daughter’s life Yov! You hold such a responsible post How could you choose such a jerk? Won’t you make proper enquiries? I am so sorry, dear I made such a huge blunder Why apologize to me? Apologize to your daughter Changed your sari and
where are you off to, dear? You saw this fiasco I’m better off going to school That soothsayer told you to postpone
the wedding for 6 months You didn’t listen to him
Now look who’s sorry Now you’ll know
how I hammer my target! Nailed him! – Tell me, man
– What did you say? If I kidnap your relative you’ll shoot me
in the middle of the road, huh? Challenging me, huh? I kidnapped the groom
and cancelled the wedding Now try and shoot me, I say I’ll shoot you for sure But before that if there’s the smallest
scar on my relative’s body… …you’ll be dead meat, man Hello…hello? – Sir…sir
– Pound him to a paste! Give him a thrashing he won’t forget – Hit him
– It hurts…awww! Stop it!
Are you brainless? How can you doubt that? He has taken you for a jolly ride
You don’t even know that Call yourself rowdies! You said he has taken us for a ride? Yes, sir, I was to marry
the girl he was in love with His plan was to use me
as your bait You kidnapped me
not seeing through his smart move Aren’t you ashamed? Why did you want
to marry his girlfriend, huh? She seemed a beautiful catch His dad is well settled in life He’s stinking rich, huh?
Does he have another daughter?! I can become your co-brother-in-law! – I was just discussing my future
– Where is he now? All is well, eh?
So you’re happy now? Somehow the wedding got cancelled! I’m so relieved now This is for you, miss ‘Come to the jeep
parked outside school’ Wait, I’ll be back – Tony?
– What? What is the surprise in store for me? I won’t disclose it now We kidnap her, use her as bait
Lure him and murder him Only then I’ll open the surprise I’ve hit 3 mangoes with 1 stone Why is she flashing all her teeth? I don’t give a damn about
auspicious time, sir Somehow get me married to her, sir Why are you begging him?
Shut up! Who is that silent killer? Bro, our Sathiyamoorthy He has kidnapped my bride, sir – Start the jeep
– Don’t lose him Sathi, who are they? He is Cycle Shankar! Then do something I know what to do “Catch me if you can…hey…hey…hey!” Called me here
and where are they? Wait, let me get hold of them – Bye, sir
– Hey! Dammit These chaps also, huh?
Start the jeep “Cockfights, rekla race gain momentum
Dude here is ever so awesome” “He is so energetic and sprightly
bouncing like a ‘Jallikattu’ bull brightly” “Hey damp squib deadly” Bro, a police jeep is following us How did they find us? That’s Cycle Shankar ahead of us We must nab Sathiyamoorthy
Not Cycle Shankar Sathi who is in front of us has called
the cops to sandwich us in the center Aiyo! Lorry “Catch me if you can…hey…hey…hey!” “Slippery as an eel, I say” Baskar, Cycle Shankar is chasing me
Do something and rescue me Look over there! Who are they? Sneha’s brothers Will you close your mango shop
not to pay me the commission? Close down, don’t
Open, don’t open But you must pay my dues
You know that, right? – What are you doing?
– Engine is stalling, bro They’ve collided into a thatched hut Will you get down and push? – Start the damn jeep
– I am trying, bro – Looks like engine trouble
– Can’t you chase properly? – Our auto is here
– I know Hold tight This blessed auto is a pain! – Pull over to the kerb
– Don’t loosen your grip If he is Cycle Shankar
I’m Share auto Chandran! If I see you once more in this
I’ll burn you alive Bro, he’s coming into the alley Stop…stop
Reverse now He’s reversing
Speed up in front “He is a glass marble, full of glitter
If you chase him, he turns into a rooster” “If you bowl he’s Virat Kohli
if you nab him, end of story” There he is! By the time this auto
carries all of you…! Go, pedal to the metal! “Eat the fritter, sleep in peace
Let me also be at ease” Now they are even shooting us down? So they are armed, huh? This innocent pair cycling may get hurt Silukkuvaarpatti is dicey for us
Go straight down Head towards Chinnalapatti! “Catch me if you can
I challenge you, man” He is confused now Sathiyamoorthy, please We can’t match your speed
Please slow down Don’t give up…go They are easy targets
Aim and fire now Shoot “I’ll give you a rattle to play
You dance, night and day” “Cockfights, rekla race gain momentum
Dude here is ever so awesome” – Not me
– Who the hell are they? – Nilakkottai Narayanan’s men
– But we didn’t touch him Why should they hound us? We have bundled him
into this gunny sack here Narayana!
Wake him up, I say Is he the bloody surprise
Supposed to be your secret? A small gift from me
The least I could do Hey! Why are you taking this bridge? Chasing him for 40 km
Will you overtake him? Go…go Why did he stop? – Aiyaiyo!
– What? Half the bridge is missing What do you mean?
Press the brake You came at snail’s pace all along
Why did you speed up now? He has made our lives dangle! ‘Hey! Cousin’ I won’t spare you 1st try to save your life Where’s the gun? I’ll smash your face! Our life
is at stake and you want the gun Don’t move
Grab him We can all go to hell together! Why drag me too? Don’t shake
Stand still Be silent Don’t even breathe
Stay still, don’t move Narayanan is troubling me! How dare you bite my foot! Aiyaiyo! Howzzat?! Must use our gray cells Let’s go see if they are dead or alive What does it matter if you
are married or stay a bachelor? Look what you’ve done to us I swear you won’t find
a bride in this birth Drop your gun Don’t You aren’t clear headed
You’ll be seeing double now Don’t shoot me- Sathi! Minister, huh? Shankar, Nilakkottai Narayanan is
attending a wedding in Silukkuvaarpatti If you can, try to finish him off
at the wedding hall and call me Narayana, move aside Sir, what are you doing
inside a sack? You know some chap
hit me on my head Get up He’ll kill us with his non stop chatter! Hero dear, take him! How did you arrest
Cycle Shankar singlehanded? Chennai commissioner gave me
an assignment ‘Operation Cycle’ I just did my duty, that’s all Don’t be humble Listen, my dear reporters ‘This iPhone has all the details
of who hired him’ And the nameless faces behind this No one can escape our law ’25 years ago’ ‘There was a savage murderer
by name Veerabadran’ A good policeman by name
Captain Prabhakaran …dragged him down the road
just like this After that incident, only this Sathiyamoorthy
has achieved the impossible! ‘Let me go back to my duty please’ ‘Where are you?’ I’ve almost got Sathiyamoorthy I’ll arrest him and bring him
before you in 24 hours You are suspended for 6 months ‘Cycle Shankar’s iPhone
provided fool proof evidence to…’ ‘…arrest Minister Arumuga Perumal
who is now detained in Vellore jail’ ‘Constable Sathiyamoorthy who arrested
Cycle Shankar singlehanded’ ‘…has been promoted as sub inspector
in the same police station’ Beat the drums [wedding hymn] Your phone is ringing Which idiot is calling me? This fellow, huh? Isn’t there a time
for everything? I have a job to do, right? ‘Be busy with whatever
But Cycle Shankar has escaped’ ‘Be careful’ Whaaat…hello?
Escaped, huh? What happened, Sathi? That Cycle Shankar has
escaped from jail So you’ll be going
undercover once more Undercover, huh?
Er…not like before ‘My underwear will be torn to tatters!’ Raji, how do I make you under-? I know, Sathi The day you nab him …only then …our 1st wedding night together Isn’t that what you wanted to say? – No, not at all
– I am waiting! “Lion cub of Silukkuvaarpatti” We ruled the roost
in Silukkuvaarpatti Scared of Cycle Shankar
we fled to Chinnalapatti Happy now? We looked up to you
as a big rowdy Who are you in reality?
Rowdy or dummy piece? Tell us, master The moment you boys are
doubting my ability… …it’s time for me to
blurt out the truth What truth, master? My name is not Chandran I have another name Indran I didn’t have an auto
It was an omni-van I had a motorcade flanking me The market will shake like earthquake! Then what happened to you? The sole reason Just 1 auto driver! What did an ordinary auto driver do to you? He is no ordinary auto driver He ruled as don in Bombay “Baashha…the most revered don” “Baashaa…served his people dusk to dawn” Blissfully unaware I tied him to a post
and thrashed him mercilessly Even that is pardonable
On top of it I touched his sister I meant I touched her hand! – Then?
– Rest is his-story! I thought I was dead When a small ounce of life
still remained in me ‘If I ever set eyes on you again’ ‘…I’ll bury you alive
in that very same spot’ How can I be in that city
after this threat to my life? I took off on the ride of my life I learnt only 1 lesson
after that incident Don’t underestimate anyone I derided you not knowing
your true colors, master Many fall into your category – Get up
– Cycle Shankar is a punctured tyre Ignore him But we shouldn’t spare that auto driver
who reduced you to this state He must be old by now
Tell us who he is We’ll finish him off
Least we can do for you Just say yes – You?
– Yes, master – Kill him?
– Yes – Come close
– Why, master? Not only then Even now he’s the most
feared don in Bombay! subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini, krish & kirthi