My primary major is in political science, second major in operations management and currently I am on the GII programme in Jakarta. I think the biggest gain that I had from this entire experience is my interpersonal skills because coming here you are brand new, you have to learn how to make new friends especially at work, outside of work you really learn how to network with people better. And I find that this is one of the biggest benefits that I’ve had from coming out of here. I think if you want to join GII, it’s very important to come with an open mind don’t close yourself off to any new experiences don’t have any preconceived notion about the country because most likely it’s going to be wrong. Come here, experience it, and live it for yourself! My colleagues have been very helpful by providing me guidance on PowerPoint 101, Accounting 101, and Deal Flow 101 I told them that my future career is in the VC industry so they put me into different stages of a deal flow from the very start to the closing. I think GII provided me with the opportunity to do an internship in China to know and understand more about the consumers I hope that the GII programme would provide SMU students a better understanding of China, innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide them with the opportunity to be involved in these industries as well. I would definitely recommend my friends to join the GII programme! Beyond the internship, you also get exposure to a new city, a new culture and it would be very beneficial for the students as well This is my first fashion internship. I’ve always wanted to do it and I can’t believe I am here at Pomelo Fashion. Really exciting time so far! to be able to project manage something that is really going to go out to the market. I don’t know how many people can say that they have the ability to do that. That’s pretty cool! To be 21 and to be able to make real things happen! The four girls who have been here, they’ve been very open-minded and embraced the DNA of Pomelo Fashion very well and have been part of the team. We will be actually quite sad to see them go. To actually get inside the start-ups and see how they are working in other parts of the region, and the early stage in your career. I think that would have a tremendous impact They think they might want to do a business someday, including a start-up I think it’s important because they need to see to actually feel, live and breathe some of the ecosystems.