Hello everyone. My name is Nhi. Welcome back to my channel. In this video, I will show you some tips and how I packed my stuff to go study abroad in the US First, about clothes the first thing you should do is check the weather at your place on Google My place is not too cold so I don’t bring many thick coats or boots. However, it is totally up to you. It depends on your place. You all know that when we pack clothes for travel we should roll the clothing, so we can save up more space in the luggage. Next, is about lingerie. I think you should put all of them in separated bags then after that put in the luggage. so it won’t go all over your luggage Next, footwear. it’s the same as lingerie. you should put them in bags then put in the luggage so that your stuff and luggage won’t be dirty and also protect your shoes. Accessories and hats are depended on your interest. for me, I don’t bring a lot of those items because I think it is not neccesary. However, I bring lots of earrings because I like them About cosmetics, you can find them everywhere. you do not need to pack lots of them except for Japanese products you should bring them along because it is hard to find and very expensive here. You should not bring along things that can be found in the US it will take up space. Why you have to bring when you can find them here with a good price. When you bring over large bottles yoou have to put it in check-in bags Everyone should know that already so I don’t say much about this. The best way is to use plastic wrap on every single bottle then cover with another plastic bag and use tape to make sure it stays in the right place so it won’t drip or if it drips, it drips in the plastic bag. Next, medicines. you should bring over some pills for common illness like flu, fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc. because in the US, you have to see doctor to get pills. people always talk about that already. remember to note about the dosage and when to take About school supplies, I have my old pencil case with me some notebooks so that I have stuff to write on in the first day at school. You can buy more later, so don’t worry. I bring some books that I bought in Vietnam with me both English and Vietnamese books I do not say that you can just only buy books in Vietnam or don’t buy books here It is all depends on you you can bring books that you want to read again or haven’t read. Other things that you need, for me I bring my painting color You can bring over whatever you want to. About food, I don’t bring much. I have garlic rice-paper, cashew nut and some other dry food. You can’t bring meat and fruit to the US They call it “pest” It will harm the US food so you can’t bring it. But don’t worry, it is not that hard. You just have to pack it carefully and remember meat is not allowed. I can bring cashew nut, so it’s fine! Lots of people bring over instant noodles I don’t I can buy it here, so I don’t pack it I am not that strict about food but Vietnamese food is better American food is too much Okay, the last important tip for packing especially for one who goes to America You have to buy TSA lock I will insert the logo here. you need this lock because When the US custom wants to check you luggage they will use a special key to open it then check it so it won’t affect the lock if you use other locks that is not TSA accepted, they might break it or do whatever they want to open and check it. and it is not safe for your luggage. when you use TSA lock, they will open and lock it properly. So if you go to the US, please use TSA lock And when they open your luggage, they will leave a note for you so don’t worry. You will be fine. Remember to use TSA lock. Okay. I think it is enough for you to know what you should do when you pack your stuff This video will end here. Thank you so much for watching and please like, share, and subscribe to my channel so I can see you in my next video Byeeeeee.