[Sophie] I do Chemical Engineering and I’m on the five year integrated Masters course. What I like about Strathclyde’s course which is quite different from quite a few other universities is that it specialised in chemistry already form first year. So we had chemical and process related subjects already from first year. After four years you feel very at home in Glasgow. First year I did the ‘The International Culinary Society’ and ‘Women in Engineering Society’ and things like that. But then I started Cheerleading already in first year and honestly it was one of the hardest sports I have ever done. I would say that Norway and Scotland in quite a few ways are quite similar. My home city is quite small but here you have a much wider selection of places to go out shopping and it’s cheap to go out to eat and drink. Lots of galleries and museums. I’ve had a few friends that have come over to visit me and they’ve all enjoyed it very much. I’m doing a three month Internship at Ferguson Marine. My position is an Undergraduate Design Engineer. I was hired mainly to work with projects because they are designing the world’s first hydrogen driven car and passenger ferry. It’s very exciting to actually get to be a part of something and try and apply some of the knowledge I have learned in class. I think that’s the exciting part of being an engineer. Although your face won’t exactly be on the poster but you’ll hopefully be a part of the process that will create something that will help the future.