good morning guys today is the day that I have been counting down for months and months and months today is that it really for spanked per usual I’m packing the day before which is probably not the best idea but I’ve been slowly gathering stuff for a long time now if you guys don’t already know I’m going to Spain through a program called centre moon de lengua they were nice enough to send me out here so I can experience this trip and share it with you guys it’s a study abroad program for three weeks but they have a ton of different programs for college and high school students their website is so so helpful in detail if you guys want to check out the programs that they have available they have individual and group trip options so I’ll leave a link down in the description I’ve only been to Canada in Mexico and I’ve never traveled before nor do I speak very good Spanish the programs for people at all levels so I’m gonna be fine and I’m gonna be learning Spanish there at University of titties I’m really excited so today I’m packing and I’m gonna be gone for three weeks so we got a lot to pack basically using my bed as a staging area I have a couple things for school supplies and then I have a bunch of different toiletries that I just picked up today so I got like melatonin for the plane hand sanitizer band-aids and a drill because I get so many mosquito bites and I just know I’m gonna get bit on this drip sunscreen and then I got mosquito repellent and dry shampoo makeup wipes and some snacks I have pretty much all my toiletries are packed in there that I have a beach towel because I’m gonna be on the beach some hats and then this is the gift that I got for my host mom I got her some C’s candy you know American chocolate this cute little organ magnet and this which is handmade an organ it’s an oven mitt with all these adorable llamas and I have all my pajamas I started some like athletic clothes socks and then I’ve started skirts and shorts and stuff and then t-shirts I really need to like lay out all my clothes cuz most of it is hanging up or it’s in this little pile I have pretty much all the other stuff figure it out and I got these little makeup remover wipes which are so cute locks for my backpack I have a disposable camera this is headphones my aunt got me a bunch of different power strips this one’s really cool cuz you can plug in a bunch of different stuff and it has USB on that side so you can plug a lot into that and then I have a bunch of converters and extra cords and here GoPro I’ve started my shoes I think I’m just gonna bring these 4 pairs of shoes I’ll wear these on the plane that I’m wearing now my superga is flip-flops for the beach then these are my favorite Steve Madden shoes that are super worn out but I actually have another pair of these so I’m gonna bring them to Spain and I might just throw them away after I’m done with the trip this is my large away suitcase that’s gonna hold all of my goodies I’ll leave a link to this down below because guys I’m such a big fan of the away bag I packed so much in my tiny little one and then this is my outfit that I mean we’re on the plane tomorrow I think I don’t really care what I’m wearing I have like a really long travel day and then I got this for my backpack for school and I’m bringing my glossier bag because I have a couple of these and they’re good like little beach bags that’s everything I don’t know why I’m cold I’m like shaking right now hold of my house if it’s hot outside in Portland my parents hate this house freezing because we don’t have any CD’s anyway I’m gonna start doing a time-lapse of me I’m pulling all my clothes and organizing it on the bed just so I can like lay it all out and see what I have I bought on Amazon a bunch of packing cubes and this works really well so I’m just gonna shove the stuff in the packing cubes and hope that it stays organized so we’re gonna do let’s do it [Music] [Music] you can still have my thoughts tell you who this song okay I think I laid out enough clothes this is definitely plenty of stuff I like to just have options and outfits yeah I have a bunch of skirts and stuff because I really like wearing skirts when it’s hot out I have some like really comfortable flowy shorts I have a couple dresses and rompers things like that and thought I can also use as cover-ups for the beach and then I have a bunch of short options most of them are just plain things so they’ll just go with anything I think we’re ready to start putting it in the packing cubes [Music] okay it’s official I’m obsessed with these packing cubes I condensed all that stuff into just this little pile and it just makes it so easy to fit it in here I have all of my pants in here all of my tops and dresses and pajamas and stuff in there this is my tech bag with all my extra chargers and a lens this is my snack bag I just have my fruit snacks some granola bars dried mangoes all my toiletries in here we’re doing so well I’m really proud I just might even open this baby up and start putting your in and seeing how much space I have and how good I condensed everything like I know this is gonna definitely take up a whole side of the suitcase but it seems so much more manageable I love the little cubes and that everything has a place so I really recommend getting these if you’re packing it’s also just a great way to stay organized besides just throwing everything in your suitcase I can just grab this and I know that’s my pants and skirts [Music] I’m honestly kind of shocked how much space I have right now I’m really excited I have this whole other half of the suitcase [Music] is too pretty gosh the one inside you back to the ring nobody’s substitution alright guys I’m all ready for bed I am done packing my mom just got me a smaller wallet I got a hundred euros from the bank in cash they don’t mind like directly go to an ATM and then I’ll probably just use my card I have to wake up before a.m. tomorrow so I’m you can go to bed I think I’m gonna watch one last episode of Friday Night Lights with my mom because we haven’t seen it in forever I’ll see you guys tomorrow at 4 o’clock in the morning I don’t even remember the last time I woke up that early but you know we’ll figure it out it’s part of the adventure she doesn’t text me on the weekend don’t wanna know what she’s up to calm down if I close my eyes and focus on my own mind for a while then it doesn’t matter this cuz all I remember it’s only further night there that would be all right I hope you’ll crack a smile I haven’t really talked to the vlog yet I’m in Newark right now in New Jersey at the airport my flight went by really fast actually I just took like intermittent naps because I left at 6 a.m. and I watch the stars born and I’m gonna be about Ruth Bader Ginsburg so it was honestly really good I’m now on my cup of coffee and I feel much better I’m at my gate ready to go to Germany where I have one more stop and then I go from Germany to hurry’s which is like where the airport is where I’ll get picked up that’s been my travel day so far honestly everything has gone pretty smoothly knock on wood I’m in the International Terminal right now so I’m just waiting because I have like an hour pouring rain them looking outside and you can barely see outside of the windows engine I really hope you don’t get delayed because I have a 1 hour layover from when I land in Germany to when I leave for Spain so I really really hope that we don’t know [Music] find the important start operation against crispbread tries to figure out what the horses was numbered we are you could say you don’t like he’s no competition he’s no competition when you’re with him his touch is kiss name on his lips can use no competition on you missing on your mission yes so I’ve had kind of an interesting turn of events I know if we call it a turn I’m basically in Germany right now my flight obviously was late and I knew I was gonna miss my connecting flight to Spain so then I know when I went to go figure it out it’s a little bit more complicated because I booked through an American Airlines and a European airline so people are currently trying to find me a flight to Marie’s and I have this weird feeling that I’m probably not gonna get there teddy I went to five different people to try to find my bag because I just want to have it with me especially if I’m not able to get on this flight so finally talk to the right people and finally they’re looking for my bag yeah I just want to also say that from a person who’s never traveled internationally before it’s really really nice to have like fellow Americans and people in Germany being really nice and understanding my situation and trying to help me and tell me their situation so I feel like we’re all in it together and as you can tell I’m emotional so the good news is that my flight got rebooked but the bad news is that I take three different flights to get to fries so I have a long day at me and I get there just before midnight and it’s 1221 now so I have 12 more hours and right now it’s 3:00 a.m. my time so I’m really tired but on the positive is I also got my baggage it will make it to Spain but I just want to update you and I’m tired because I can’t hear me but I’m still hanging in there it’s just part of the journey I’m gonna get there eventually I just landed in Madrid and I’m officially in Spain I just have one more flight left to go and my next flight is in like two and a half hours but I have to do some googling because my terminal is kind of far away like you need to take some sort of transfer bus underground thing system to get there and this Airport is huge so I’m gonna go ask someone and then hopefully off on the way to my gate and just chill there and do some work and yeah I’m really tired but I’m going to try to force myself to stay up because then I’ll start to adjust more to the time zone because it’s 643 now so I should just stay up the rest even on my worst day my worse days would never listen [Music] [Music] you know you love to do