>>I first heard about the opportunity to go to Stanford University, through an email. You kind of have to look twice and it’s a bit like Stanford …did I just read that? Because this is an Ivy League School we’re talking about here.>>We developed a Memorandum of Agreement which allowed the Curtin Business School to select seven students to attend their Stanford International Honours Program.>>My biggest goal when I went over there was to meet people from all over the world and build some strong connections that you can feed from for the rest of your life.>>Getting the opportunity to study at Stanford was just really, really incredible for me as soon as I arrived it was like okay we have three articles to read this is when our first assignment is due.>>Because everyone there is just so achievement focused, it really pushes you to go even beyond what you think that you can actually do.>>The learning and study culture is quite different. It’s not just study and forget, it’s like you’re fully immersed in it.>>The level of knowledge that you can get from another institute as well as incorporating that with Curtin’s knowledge was just something that I could never replicate anywhere else.>>It really was something to suit every student over 170 different courses within more than 40 different departments.>>Having gone through Stanford it like really cemented to me like yeah like that is the reality, I can really do anything. I’m really glad that I took the jump and did something different.>>Stanford and the opportunities at Curtin through exchange and studying abroad are just incredible. Just don’t doubt yourself, like what’s the worst that could happen?>>It makes you a much more I think like well-rounded, confident sort of person.>>It’s so important to just apply for anything that you see, there’s a massive range of opportunities available and there’s bound to be something that will suit you.>>It was so much fun it was probably the biggest thing I’m gonna take away from the Curtin experience. Something that I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to do without being at Curtin.>>I don’t think I could ever forget Stanford or the things that I learned. It’s made me look down a whole different career path.>>It just broadens your horizons, it’s really unique and for me it was just a dream come true.