Ewelina: So before I chose Curtin, first of
all I chose the country, so I really wanted to study in Australia and I didn’t know what
exactly I wanted to study, so I new I wanted to study at business school but there is a
lot of majors you can choose from so I decided to go for an agent. I don’t think everyone
needs an agent, but I really needed it because I didn’t know much about the universities
in Australia and I think its, you’re investing so much in your time and money to come here
so you should choose something that actually really fits you. Ulfatuzzuhroh: Applying to Curtin is quite
easy, I applied through an agent actually I’m a scholarship student here through Australia
Awards Scholarships, so they helped me a lot to apply and it’s not that hard. Just as you
pass the English test we can apply here and if we have something difficult the staff will
help us. M.Mohsin: Over there my guidance counsellor,
she was really helpful. She said ok, first let’s say which country you want to go to and
then which city you want to go to. I mean it also depends on which field you already
are, then it comes to that which city has more potential for that field and then you
see okay which university has a better facility for your masters or for your degree. Then
I guess, that’s how you differenciate between which univeristy or which city you want to
go to.