How do you guys
find studying here? I don’t have many electives
with law economics. But I got to do a VC course, with the vice chancellor and that was like purely
interdisciplinary. And it was a great chance
of kind of see like what else ANU has to offer. Because you’re kind of getting
a chance of kind of explore like the engineering discipline even for like a few weeks. It was so refreshing, and I’m not sure like many of
the other universities have that. And I think like also the internship
opportunities you get doing those type of subjects. Like I’m able to go to Beijing
in June and do like my internship there and it’s credited, you know, you’re not just doing it outside
for your work but ANU actually recognises it
and says, oh it’s valuable to your degree
as well as a study experience, which it is. Because you have
a lot of partnerships with other universities as well, so it makes exchange a lot easier
for students to do and get that opportunity. Yeah I actually went on
exchange to Germany, and it’s the best thing I’ve done
at uni and it was just incredible and everything was accredited
and even into my major. And, you know, I got to travel
whilst on exchange, I got to go to Morocco and Spain. And you get to meet people
from all across the world which you do at ANU as well but it’s just such a good experience
to kind of broaden your horizon. I was pretty surprised how
generous the academics are with their time
with undergrads, like I thought it might be
a little bit clicky like they might be like,
oh you’re just an undergrad like can’t really be bothered with you. But obviously they’re passionate
about stuff and they just want us
to get involved as well. Yeah they even like they
come on field trips with us, they drive the buses there like
over all the bumps and like… They’re real people too.Exactly, exactly. So it’s not — yeah it’s not like kind of like
there’s this kind of like I guess like glass ceiling kind of
thing that we can’t access them, they’re just like they’re there
and they want to talk to you and they want to help you out
as many ways as possible. I think it’s good like most of
them are pretty approachable and because we are
like a research university, our lecturers are doing
research as well so that means that
they’re up to date in the fields. And we also get exposed to up
and coming ideas in the research that you might not be aware of if you were just starting the
foundation of some course. I think also with the engineering
course because it’s interdisciplinary, we get a lot more experience
with varying fields of engineering than a lot of universities offer, so it makes you a well
rounded engineer. I sometimes get a bit excited when you see that the guy
or the lady lecturing you is the person that’s written
the textbook, for example or like, you know,
you’ll hear lecturers from ANU that are being interviewed
on the radio or on TV because they’re like
the top ones in their field and you’re like
“Hey! I know them!” You get so excited when you see
them on the 7:30 Report. “That’s my lecturer, Mum!”
Your mum and dad are like,
“Yes, good.”