I traveled to Belize during the winter j-term. It was a great opportunity to get out, and actually have some productive time in the winter when we’re off from school and also earn some extra credit while we’re at it. What I got most out of that experience was to look at Belize in a more anthropological view and apply that to myself as a filmmaker and my films I recently spent the last spring studying in Rome Italy so I was studying that taking five normal classes. I also had an internship that I would do on the weekends and whenever I wasn’t in clothes everywhere we went essentially there are various language barriers and so using things we learned in class was body language slowing down the way we speak, being more understanding and not set in our own biases, I was able to really communicate with others in an easier way than most people would I went to Salamanca, Spain this summer for five weeks. I went through a spanish study abroad program. So in spain I learned a lot about their culture, and spanish people, and they’re very laid-back. Time is a very different concept over there This summer I studied abroad in Vietnam, and so I went over there and we got paired up with Vietnamese university students, and we learned about Vietnamese school systems, and we got to work with Vietnamese kids. So I learned a lot of skills like how to work with people from different backgrounds that we get here but going abroad and actually doing that was just applying the material that I learned in class I went abroad to Ireland. Dublin, Ireland specifically I studied at the National Theatre School the Gaiety School of Acting, and the first thing you think of is, you know, live theater, but we actually did some fantastic work behind the camera, and we got to see some, you know, big productions like Vikings the show Vikings, Game of Thrones was filming there. I think the best thing I got out of that experience was seeing how professionals operate it’s almost like watching a clock, you know you see the gaffer run to the lighting designer who’s talking about how he wants this light and the directors sitting in his grand chair, nodding, stoically. So, as a Harrington school student my study abroad experience was an amazing opportunity it gave us a first hand chance to really see the theory of what we do in practice. I definitely learned more, to be in the moment because every time we traveled, and went somewhere, we’d meet great people, and do great things, and then be gone within like a second. I think there’s so much to be gained from going to a different country, and understanding, you know, how big the world is this is something that’s not only important for students to experience, but anyone, I’d urge anyone to go out and explore the world in that sense. People were so welcoming. I would walk down the street people would stop me, and take photos with me just because I’m so tall because they never seen such a tall girl before.