[MUSIC PLAYING] I’d like to welcome everyone
to this World Leaders Forum, and begin by just
recognizing a few people. It’s truly an honor for me
to be invited to Columbia. Let’s get two or
three questions. What is the one most
single important thing you’d like to see as the outcome
of the youth climate summit? The reason why I
came today, because I feel that it’s really inspiring
to be on a world leaders forum, such a significant platform. That’s a very good
question, because we are like everybody else. I actually came to
Columbia with the intent of coming to the
world leaders forum. Like that was one of
the major things that excited me about like my
application and everything. I just think it’s such an
unprecedented opportunity. Thank you for taking the
time to speak with us today. It’s a privilege for
Columbia’s students to learn from world leaders. [MUSIC PLAYING]