Should you study abroad? I think you should. I’ve done it But, what are the advantages, what are the disadvantages? We’re going to look at all of those in today’s video and if you stick around to the end of the video you’ll hear my personal experience about studying abroad So, stick around Some people think that studying abroad is going to help them learn English or even make it easier for them What do you think? Have you ever tried it before? or are you going to try it in the future? Down in the comments below talk about your experience of studying abroad So when you’re studying abroad You’re probably going to register in one of two classes Either an ESL class or an EFL class They’re both the same thing they’ve just changed the wording a little bit but, it’s the same idea When you are in one of these classes it’s going to be an English class but it’s going to be a smaller group of students depending on the school it could be only 2 or 3 or maybe even 10 or 15 all depends on the school but in these classes because they’re smaller the teacher can give you more individualized attention In these classes you’re going to be learning all the different skills reading writing, listening speaking Everything you’re going to need when living in a foreign country where only people speak English and in these classes it’s also possible to have more cultural experiences like going to a museum or some tourist attractions and there also may be a social aspect to it where you get to have a party or celebrate some holidays with people that will be speaking English So usually people go and study abroad for one of three reasons The first reason probably the most common because they’re going to be studying abroad They’re going to be going to university or college they need to increase their level of English So, it’s an intensive course before you start going to university or college Another reason is for social reasons Maybe you’re planning on traveling to lot’s of different English speaking countries so you just need to practice before you start going or maybe you use this as part of your traveling experience Another way is for business As people who are taking business classes know business has a lot of specialized language and the best way to learn this, in my opinion, is to go somewhere and practice So you might as well go to a place that speaks English because as we all know, English is the universal language especially in business So those are the 3 main reasons why people study abroad but there are some other advantages that make studying abroad useful One of these is when you’re going to be taking some future tests Such as TOEFL or IELTS or Cambridge These experiences are going to help you in getting a better score in these exams Another advantage is that while you’re there you can learn firsthand the culture and the customs of this place There’s no better way than to learn it while speaking English Most people find that learning through immersion is the best way to learn There’s something to be said for doing and thinking and reading and speaking always in English things just seem to stick more into your mind then when you’re reading a book or when you’re listening to your teacher or I hate to say it but when you’re just watching videos on YouTube And if you’re a people person then obviously you get to meet lots of new people from all over the world, usually so that’s also an advantage, isn’t it? So we can divide into 3 main ideas the reasons why people would want to study abroad experience personal development and career path if you want to increase your English language level quickly you can greatly improve your English language level in a shorter period of time by studying abroad learning through real life situations is a lot more interesting and it’s a lot more fun and it just seems to stick more in your mind As for personal development When you’re in a different culture When you’re speaking a different language you need to have confidence to be able to do what you need to do You need to be resourceful and creative to find solutions to the problems that you’ll be presented with You will start to get sense of flexibility in complex situation thanks to studying abroad and as a career path there’s lots of jobs that are now requiring to talk to people from different nations or different cultures From this experience that you get from studying abroad you’re going to have that little bit extra that will set you apart from other job applicants from other people that are looking to do the same kind of work So obviously studying abroad isn’t just enough to get a good job but combine that with some good professional training and you’ll be that much better than everyone else So what about my personal story about studying abroad Well, when I came to Mexico I didn’t know hardly any Spanish I tried to learn a little bit on my own but, it was very basic So when I first came I stayed with a host family for one month it was just a normal working class family that let me rent a room and I got to eat with them well, actually, I only ate with the mother of the house but everyday she would cook me some great Mexican food which I got to learn about, obviously and she didn’t speak any English so we had to try to speak in Spanish So she would ask me questions I would try to answer the best I could and everyday, everyday, we’d sit down, talk and eat what better way to learn So at the school where I was teaching they also taught Spanish classes and some foreigners would come to study abroad and when they paid for a class the teachers could join in for free So I was taking classes Monday to Friday, 2 hours a day and I learned a lot I took it for, I think maybe 4 months and in that 4 months I learned a lot in the classes grammar speaking listening writing comprehension everything that I would need but the best part was when I was outside of class cause I was living in a place where nobody would speak English with me well the teachers I could speak English with but I came to learn Spanish, so If I’m out in the street I’m going to be speaking in Spanish I go to the store I need to ask them in Spanish When I go to the bank I have to know how do I say I want to take out some money I want to cash this check I need a new bank card How am I going to say all that? So before I would go anywhere I would investigate look in my trusty dictionary and start learning and in these Spanish classes we’d also go to museums So I’d get to learn about the history of Mexico I’d learn about the revolution I’d learn about famous artists I’d learn about famous painters I could learn about songs I could learn about movies Things that you just can’t learn if you’re not actually in the place or it makes it more difficult and in these classes there were people from all over the world There were people from Canada There were people from United States and surprisingly there were lots of students from Japan and China as well So I got to meet lots of new people from all over the world with lots of different viewpoints lots of different ideas and we were all there to practice Spanish And one interesting story of when I was learning was that everyday I would have to walk to school I’d walk for maybe 20 minutes, 25 minutes but it seemed like almost everyday somebody would ask me what time it was I don’t know what it was maybe they saw that I had a watch and nobody else had one. I don’t know what it was but it seemed like everyday somebody would ask me what time it was So that was great practice just right on the spot. Boom. What time is it? and I could…and I would tell them Usually it would be the right time at least I hope it was So the question of this video is Should you study abroad? if you have the money and you have the time I would say, definitely, go for it it’s an excellent experience the worst thing that could happen is that you just increase your level of English and the best thing that could happen is that you fall in love with the country you fall in love with the people you learn so much about other things that you become a better person and you expand your knowledge of the world so definitely, go do it If you’ve enjoyed this video give it a like, and subscribe Why? Because it helps me, it helps you it helps everybody for ESL Success, I’m Kevin and I’ll see you guys, next time